13 advantages of implementing natural materials in your home design

13 advantages of implementing natural materials in your home design

13 advantages of implementing natural materials in your home design

13 advantages of implementing natural materials in your home design


Having a well-designed home is a dream come true for many homeowners. However, many people struggle when they have to decide what kind of materials should they use. Would you rather go for cheap ones, or pick high-quality stylish materials? Instead of picking synthetic materials such as plastic, consider using natural ones in your home design.

Why should you use natural materials? There are many benefits natural materials provide you with. So, if you want to have a stylish home with a sustainable and durable design, bring some nature inside and decorate your home!

1. They never go out of style

Have you ever seen a modern and beautiful house without a single natural material? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of new-age or rustic styles, you can’t create a comprehensive and beautiful home design without the use of natural materials!

Even though wood, clay, metal, etc have been in use for centuries, they always refine your space and add style to it. On top of that, there are million conventional and nonconventional ways in which you can use natural materials to create a stylish environment in your home! Whether you’d use it as a decoration or in basic furniture, you won’t make a mistake by choosing natural!

2. Add a modern yet sleek touch

You know what they say, dress to impress! So, if you want to impress your family and friends with your home, you need to decorate it until you reach pure perfection. How can you know you’ve reached your goal?

You’re probably aware that natural materials feel the purest. When you incorporate them into your home design, you’ll notice how well they match every style! They are modern yet sleek, which increases the decorative value of your home. Create a dazzling interior design by implementing décor made out of natural materials that will leave everyone in awe.

3. High-quality but affordable

Commercial furniture can get worn out pretty quickly. Even though it may be cheaper, you’ll have to replace them quite often, which adds to the cost in the long run. Instead of replacing them every other year, opt for the furniture made out of natural materials and make a once in a lifetime investment.

What if you get tired of your old furniture? Instead of purchasing the new one, you can makeover your furniture out of natural materials and give them a new shine! You can always paint and refurbish them using more naturals from thrift stores and flea markets.

4. They make you feel at peace

Most people feel peaceful and content in nature. Even though chances of living in a cabin in the woods are slim, you can always bring nature to you, and feel peaceful at all times! One of the first steps of creating a peaceful environment is, you’ve guessed it, bringing natural materials inside!

What are the materials and colours that you connect with the most? Use them as a base, and build other materials around it. Whether you prefer wood, leather, clay, cotton or something else, you can always find inspiration and peace in natural materials by introducing them to your home design.

5. Synthetic materials are unsafe

Did you know that most synthetic materials, such as plastic and other synthetic polymers, degrade over time? You’ve surely noticed how they lose quality and colour when exposed to the sun. However, they can also be quite harmful to your home and health!

To a certain extent, toxic chemicals are present in synthetic materials. Those chemicals are released into the air and atmosphere simply by sitting in your home! Those toxins produced by non-organic fabrics are extremely difficult to deal with and can be harmful to the health of your entire family. Even though you can’t always see or smell them, they enter your bodies through skin and inhalation, causing series of health problems.

6. Maintain your health

Did you know that natural materials can maintain your physical and mental health? Unlike synthetic materials, organic fabrics don’t emit toxic gasses that can harm your health. On top of that natural materials are better for your overall health, providing you with a peaceful environment that resembles nature.

A couple of decades ago, man constructors used materials that contained lead or asbestos. Even though those days are behind us, artificial and man-made materials are still harmful to our health.

7. You can find them all around you

No matter where you go, you’ll always come across natural things and elements you can use in your home décor. Just look outside the window and see the fallen tree branches, pebbles on the road and gorgeous flowers you can implement in your design. But what can you do with raw materials?

Even though raw elements aren’t as appealing, you can fix them up, sandpaper them and create something unique! On the other hand, if you’d like to have an accent piece in your home, raw natural materials are always a good idea!

8. Long-lasting materials

Compared to the furniture that is commercially manufactured, furniture and décor made out of natural materials are sturdy and durable. It can endure high-traffic areas without getting damaged and worn out. On top of that, it can be refurbished and redesigned to fit your new style!

Wooden elements are perfect for areas such as the living room and kitchen, as they endure heavy wear and tear all the time. Similarly, porcelain tiles can be used in wet areas, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens to maintain a clean and tidy look. So, choose the elements cautiously as they will last for a long time!

9. Easy to clean

Many people think that natural materials are complicated to maintain. However, if you know all the tips and tricks, they are quite easy to clean! But if you don’t maintain them properly, they are at risk of getting damaged or chipped, which will ruin the charm. So, how can you maintain them?

It all depends on the type of material. Wooden floor and elements require special chemicals that bring out their shine. On the other hand, cloths such as cotton and wool need to be carefully washed by hand or in a machine. Nothing too complicated that will take up too much time or effort!

10. You can DIY!

Do you have a tight budget but want to make your home interior design count? Even though purchasing pre-made furniture and décor made out of organic fabrics will be challenging, you can still decorate your home with beautiful natural elements that add life and style to your space! How is that possible?

Organic materials are one of the easiest materials you can process yourself. Whether you decide to make a wooden deck or a knitted blanket, you need to properly prepare the materials before use. So, sand the planks and ensure you’re using washable wool for your blankets before you start the process!

11. Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Do you care about the environment? You should, because there is no planet B! So, if you want to preserve the ecosystem and maintain our planet, use natural materials in your home. How can they help?

Besides being long-lasting, natural matters are sustainable and bio-degradable, which is a big plus for our environment. Most of them can be harvested locally, which minimises the carbon footprint on the environment. Locally harvested organic materials don’t require transportation, the manufacturing process is less intensive and doesn’t include toxic chemicals.

12. They match every style

Do you have a proffered style you’d like to use for your home? No matter what style you’ve chosen, your home won’t be complete without natural materials! Luckily, natural materials such as wood, porcelain and metal vibe with every style possible- from chic and rustic to modern industrial!

Can you imagine your bathroom without perfect tiles or a kitchen with a gorgeous stone floor? Any of that wouldn’t be possible without high-quality natural materials you can find at places such as Stone & Tile Projects. Guaranteed quality and fascinating style add personality and life to your home.

13. Add more personality to your home

Have you ever thought that your home looks bland? The main point in creating a cosy and homey environment is adding a sprinkle of your personality to it. So, if you’re a fan of nature and its elements, you should definitely display your personality through décor made out of natural materials.

By implementing natural materials in your home, you’re adding more life to it. Wooden picture frames, woollen carpets and cotton duvet throws will complete any kind of space. On top of that, natural materials may come in different colours, so you don’t have to be afraid your home will be dull and bland.


As you can see, natural materials bring many benefits to your home. From beautiful and long-lasting design, over endless design possibilities to improved physical and mental health, organic fabrics will increase the overall value of your life. So, if you’d like to have a gorgeous, high-quality interior, implement natural materials in your design and spiritually connect with nature.