2022's Top Paint Colors for Large Rooms

2022’s Top Paint Colors for Large Rooms

2022's Top Paint Colors for Large Rooms

2022’s Top Paint Colors for Large Rooms


Finding the correct paint color for a wide, open floor plan may be just as challenging as figuring out the right layout. The solution is usually a neutral color that will act as a backdrop to your design and flow easily from one location to the next. But neutral color doesn’t always mean stark white. 

However, choosing the ideal color isn’t as difficult as it seems if you know the things to consider before you start painting your interior painting project.

Sage Green

Sage green is a mellow shade of green that perfectly balances yellows and blues. It is a very adaptable color that may be used in a variety of large rooms. It’s a welcoming, warm color that may be energizing or calming, depending on how you use it. This allows you to build a backdrop and make your large living area to be the centerpiece of your home. It’s also a fantastic option for individuals who have seen the numerous hues of green that are one of the dominating 2022 but don’t want to commit to something too bold or dark.

Cool Off-White

This color will instantly brighten up a dark room and help you make the most of any natural light in the room.

Cool off-white is another neutral color that may be used in various settings. Neutrals are frequently advised when transitioning from gray colors because of their practically universal appeal. If your living room already has a lot of color or pattern, a cool off-white might be a great, crisp color to use as a background. It’s a terrific choice for both formal and larger rooms, and it can help generate an active feel in the room.


This neutral color is a warmer shade of off-white that works well in huge and dark spaces. The cream color has a hint of gold or yellow undertone. 

Warm colors compress visually and can make rooms feel cozier. Therefore cream is a preferable choice for larger spaces. 

The cream color goes well with other warm hues like brown, green, yellow, and tan. This color also complements your natural wood-toned furniture.


Taupe is another neutral color that suits well in your large rooms. It has a gray-like tone but is not that close to grayscale. This shade is a good choice for large rooms with some natural light. This color complements well with shades of gray, green, and blue.

Taupe walls work best with bright white trim color. This can serve as a cool, soft, and neutral backdrop if you want to add various colors to your room.


Navy is a very cool shade and has an undertone close to gray color. This paint color works well for large rooms that have natural lighting. It can also work well with different accent colors, such as purple, gray, and green. You can pair navy with bold colors like yellow and red for more dramatic appeal. You can also add cream and bright white trims to highlight your navy-colored walls.


Terracotta is a one-of-a-kind color that combines oranges, reds, and browns. Its name was derived from the color of the clay used to produce terracotta tiles, which is an iron-rich red-brown color.

It is a fantastic paint color for larger rooms with a lot of natural light. It works well with natural wood tones and different shades of green. 

This allows you to mix and match it with other furnishings to create a pleasant, natural aesthetic for your large rooms. Terracotta complements cream trim and can be utilized to create southwestern or Tuscan themes.


Giving your large room a fresh touch of paint can add life and aesthetics to your home’s interior. Apply a new coat of paint to your dull and outdated rooms to spruce them up and make them look like entirely new spaces.

Choosing the right paint color for your large rooms is now a piece of cake for you. You can never go wrong with the paint color options listed above.

However, if you’re wondering  what’s the best time to paint your rooms this year, don’t hesitate to consult the professional painting contractors near you. They’re more than happy to assist you with your home painting concerns