2012 Website Exposure Numbers Are In..

Just one of the many reasons why our sellers choose to work with us as we give them the internet exposure they are looking for….

2012 Website Exposure Numbers

The Holm Group


  • 61,729 Visits
  • 105,073 Page Views

Scottsdale Real Estate Maps


  • 76,766 Visits
  • 371,221 Page Views

The Holm Group Blog


  • 12,000 Visits

Misc Websites

  • 10,000 Visits
  • 30,000 Page Views

Total Website Exposure:

  • 160,495 Total visitors for 2012
  • 506,294 Total pages viewed for 2012

Exposure for 2013 is just getting underway and we look forward to increasing our web presence in all of the major search engines significantly.