3 Tips for Successful Downsizing

3 Tips for Successful Downsizing

3 Tips for Successful Downsizing


Moving into a smaller space can have a host of financial perks, such as cheaper rent and lower utility bills. Moving into a smaller abode doesn’t come without considerations, however. If not done carefully, this transition can get quite messy for the average homeowner. Explore our three tips for successful downsizing to diminish your stress throughout the moving experience.

Try To Redeem Value for Your Items

When sifting through all your home’s items, you’re bound to find materials that have value. The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” still rings true—any garage sale can prove it!

If you’re not up for organizing a garage sale on your lawn—or you’re still very COVID-cautious—don’t fret. There are additional ways to redeem value for your valued items, such as consignment shops. Take your gently used or worn goods into your local consignment shop to score some cash for the things that won’t make it into your new home.

Use Downsizing as an Opportunity To Give Back

A lot of household items, clothing, and furniture get tossed throughout the downsizing process, resulting in unfortunate waste. You can utilize your moving experience as an opportunity to give back and donate your gently used goods.

One reason many moving homeowners trash items that still have value is a lack of time. Plan your donation process ahead to assure you can give those quality products a second life.

Review the websites of your local thrift stores or shelters to see if they’ll accept your items. If you need advice for sorting through all your stuff, check out this advice for organizing your donations.

Double Check the New Dimensions Before Making a Purchase

Topping off the three tips for successful downsizing is verifying your new home’s dimensions. Nothing’s worse than the excitement of a new couch arrival getting trumped by the fact it doesn’t fit in your new front room.

Double (why not triple?) check the measurements for every room in the house before moving in or purchasing new furnishing. This precaution will save you from a whole lot of interior design heartache.