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3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Remote Viewings

3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Remote Viewings

3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Remote Viewings

Buying and selling property during a pandemic is no piece of cake, but despite all odds, people have been selling and purchasing homes in record numbers. One thing that’s proven to be a life saver are remote viewings. But just because people are not actually stepping inside your home doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for it.

Here are three tips to get your home ready for remote viewings.

  1. Give the home a good scrub

Just because the potential buyers aren’t physically there doesn’t mean they won’t be inspecting it closely. Especially because they can’t experience the home in all its glory, it’s even more important to create an impeccable impression.

Clean the house from top to bottom, wax the floors to make them shine, clear the clutter away, and even give your walls a fresh coat of paint. You want to do the most you can within the limited means of a remote viewing. If you manage to create a great impression through a computer screen, they’ll be even more blown away by the real thing.

  1. Make sure your tech is right

There’s nothing worse than a bad connection, so you want to make sure that you won’t get inadvertently sabotaged. Do a few check-ups before the first official viewings. Make sure your computer is charged, that your camera and mic are working perfectly, and that you know how to navigate the video platform.

If you’re selling mainly or exclusively remotely, then your internet connection is vital, so make sure your current plan can support video calls. A dropped signal can make the difference between a sure buyer and a lost sale.

  1. Make the most of staging

Anyone who’s ever sold a home knows that half the magic is in the staging. You don’t need to present your home as it looks everyday, but how it has the potential to look. Your buyers are interested in creating a life for themselves here, and it’s your job to set up the perfect canvas for their imagination.

Lighting can make or break a sale, so it’s advisable to schedule your viewings at a time when buyers can see the house at its full potential – in daytime, with the sun shining.

Otherwise, adding little touches to make the space home-y is also a good move. Throw blankets and cushions, a fluffy rug, or thick, beautiful curtains can dress up a room. It’s all about the overall atmosphere your space is giving off, since the buyers won’t be able to get up close and personal to see many details.

The Bottom Line

Buying or selling a home remotely may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. And if you prepare your home for a remote viewing, your odds are even better. You have to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and create the most flattering image for your house. The best lighting, the best staging, and a space that is in tip-top shape will wow buyers enough to make the trip to see all the details up close.