Start Selling Your Home From the Outside In

Start Selling Your Home From the Outside In

Start Selling Your Home From the Outside In


The decision to sell your home has likely been thought about for awhile. Likewise, prospective home buyers are often on the lookout for a new home by driving around the residential neighborhoods where they desire to someday buy their next home. There are a lot of details that go into a successful home sale process. Many know that the home interior should be in tip-top shape to encourage more buyer interest that can raise the offers prospective buyers are willing to make to land a deal on your home. Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover was most likely not in the real estate business.


Start Selling Your Home from the Outside In

If you think about it, a person interested in your home will have to drive up to your property at some point. Ask yourself, what will new prospective home buyers see when they look at my outside landscapes? If honest, a homeowner can get an excellent idea on what to change outside to entice prospective home buyers to want to come inside to check out your home’s interior.

First, make sure that your yard looks as best as it can. Simply keeping the hedges trimmed, the grass cut and the trees pruned back can all move others to admire your outdoor areas as much as your family does. Remember, those prospective home buyers will get their very first impression of your home without having to leave their car. If your yard is a total disaster with kid’s toys, old cars and lawn or garden supplies strewn haphazardly about, it’s time to call for a family cleaning day to pick up the mess.


Add or Improve Your Possible Outdoor Entertainment Spots to Encourage Interest

Getting your outdoor deck, balcony or patio into tip-top shape can literally help to sell your home faster. The idea is to get visitors that are seeing your home for the first time to begin to really imagine themselves living there in the near future. This doesn’t have to be a costly and huge remodel job, rather it can be just a freshening up of sorts to showcase your home’s backyard treasures.

If your deck is in sad disrepair, take the time to re-stain or paint the decking floor planks and railings to give the area a lived-in and cozy atmosphere where guests will long to be after they leave your open house. To encourage this type of thought process, get into the mind of the prospective buyer and encourage these individuals to sit down for a spell to admire your garden, landscape details or relax as they feel the warm sun on their face.


Consider Installing New Windows with Energy-Efficient Properties

Those homeowners who have never upgraded their older home’s ancient style of windows should seriously consider making this investment before they attempt to sell their home. Having to replace a lot of windows is often a real deal breaker for some prospective individuals in the market for a new home. Installing these windows that feature better insulation design and boast energy-saving properties can make a profound impact on those home buyer possibilities. If your home’s windows are relatively new, be sure to clean all of your windows before hosting an open house.


Showcase Your Home’s Unique Outside Amenities to Spark Interest

It does make a huge difference to take the necessary steps to fully showcase your home’s unique outside amenities. These can include a custom home pool and/or deck, a lovely garden in full bloom, a pretty gazebo or a comfortable and beautiful backyard patio that sports impressive added bonuses like waterfalls, goldfish ponds or warming fire pits or other incredible water and fire features.

This is the time to create some magic in your backyard or front lawn spaces by installing mood setting outdoor lighting features and fixtures. Having an evening open house that can show off your stunning outdoor amenities to perfection might be just the touch to land higher purchase offers. Some more great and recommended improvements when trying to sell your home include:


  • Repaving or Finishing a Driveway or Garage Floor
  • Repairing Walkway Paths & Outdoor Furniture
  • Adding More Security Features Outside and Inside
  • Replanting your Grass or Replacing Lawn Grass with Artificial Turf or Fill with Gravel or Mulch
  • Add or Fix Older Outdoor Patio Furniture or Recover the Cushions for a Bright New Appearance
  • Keep Clutter Hidden Away or Discard Prior to Open House
  • Do Some Work to Improve Your Gorgeous Wrap-Around Porch, Light Up the Gazebo or Clean the Pool
  • Replace Older Roofs with Newer Model
  • Add Siding to an Older Home

Install Magnificent New Entryway Doors to Increase Exterior Beauty


Installing brand now and magnificent entryway doors is one easy way to increase the beauty of your home’s specific exterior. If your home in the Southwest is more of a Spanish architectural style, consider hanging absolutely stunning Moroccan or other Spanish inspired doors of gleaming mahogany, teak wood or knotty alder that are ideal for Arizona homes.

Follow these simple methods of generating more buyer interest in your home’s specific desirable features when thinking of selling your home sometime soon. Adding some curb appeal only helps highlight your home’s exclusive outdoor spaces that could be the added touch needed to win over an interested buyer.

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