5 Curb Appeal Issues You Must Avoid

5 Curb Appeal Issues You Must Avoid

5 Curb Appeal Issues You Must Avoid

5 Curb Appeal Issues You Must Avoid


If you’re thinking about selling your home, you very well may be concerned about the curb appeal of your property. As will be discussed later, you can avoid spending time and money dealing with curb appeal by seeking finding a cash buyer for your property, a step that allows you to avoid the hassle of placing your home on the open market for sale. Five common curb appeal “enhancements” that you need to avoid include:

  • unkempt landscaping
  • clutter
  • weathered paint
  • complicated landscaping
  • yard signs


Unkempt Landscaping

In many ways, the most important thing you need to avoid when it comes curb appeal of your residence is an unkempt lawn and other landscaping. Not only is unkempt landscaping an eyesore, it sends a message to prospective buyers when you place your home on the market for sale. If you have a messy yard, you leave potential buyers wondering about the condition of the rest of the residence. You beg the question of if this is how you — don’t care — for the exterior of your home, what’s going on with those aspects of your residence that cannot readily be seen.

As an aside, landscaping becomes a nonissue if you elect to pursue a cash sale with a real estate investor. This type of purchaser buys a residence in what is known as an as is condition. They don’t fret about the state of your lawn when it comes to making a cash offer on your residence.



An amazing number of home sellers fail to pay attention to clutter around the exterior their homes when they place a property on the market for sale. Even more alarming, a cohort of real estate professionals don’t bother with prompting their clients to tend to clutter around the exterior of homes for sale.

Bear in mind that within the category of clutter is a driveway lined with vehicles and a plethora of yard gnomes and other garden “art” plopped about the premises. The reality is that decorative items such as these are matters of personal taste and can be highly off-putting to many prospective home buyers.


Weathered Paint

Weathered exterior paint is a major red flag to prospective homebuyers. Of course, one of the reasons that it is a turnoff arises from the fact that worn and weathered paint is terribly unsightly. In addition, as is the case with an unkempt lawn and yard, weathered paint convers a warning about how you may be tending to the care and upkeep of other elements of a residence.

The fact is putting a fresh coat of paint on a home as part of an effort to improve curb appeal is not difficult to undertake. Moreover, this type of effort can be undertaken at a reasonable cost. Indeed, painting is the one home improvement project that pretty much anyone is capable of doing.

Noting these points, fresh paint or old paint makes no different to a typical home investor, a professional willing and able to pay cash for a residential property in an as-is condition.


Complicated Landscaping

Another curb-related issue you must avoid is complicated landscaping. A notable number of homeowners make the mistake of embarking on a campaign to install complex landscaping around a residence. This can be fatal when it comes to many prospective home buyers.

First, every individual has different tastes when it comes to landscaping. Thus, you very well may select a landscaping scheme that you love but which has few fans outside your household. Second, while your landscape design may have broad appeal, if you go a complicated route you are likely to find many prospective buyers who bridle at the thought of upkeeping the property. Moreover, complicated or complex landscaping can be costly to maintain.


Yard Signs

This might seem simplistic, but a recurring mistake some people make when they put their homes on the market for sale is the failure to remove yard signs they’ve placed around the property. These oftentimes include signs for political candidates or certain types of products or services.

The risk you run is that while some prospective buyers may agree with your expressed sentiments, many may not. The last thing you want to do is lose prospective buyers because they don’t support a political candidate you favor.

By avoiding these curb-related issues, you have taken basic steps to enhance the overall appeal of your residence to prospective buyers. As has been explained throughout this blog post, you can dodge the whole issue of curb appeal if you forgo placing your residence on the open real estate market. By negotiating a sale with a real estate investor, you can deliver your property in an as-is condition. You get paid with cash and you can close much faster than is the case with other types of real estate sales.


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