5 DIY Upgrades To Make to Your Yard To Increase Home Value

5 DIY Upgrades To Make to Your Yard To Increase Home Value

5 DIY Upgrades To Make to Your Yard To Increase Home Value

5 DIY Upgrades To Make to Your Yard To Increase Home Value


Arizona is nice and warm every day, but perhaps it’s a little too warm for you! If you’re considering moving away from the Grand Canyon State, don’t worry—your house will sell like hotcakes. Lots of families are trekking across the country to live in Arizona, which means a little effort in your home’s appearance can go a long way.

Psst! When your home is worth more, that means more money in your pocket! Here are five DIY upgrades to make to your yard to increase home value.

Power Wash Exterior

Our homes can get pretty dirty over time as they gather mold, algae, and gunk, but cleaning the siding can quickly end up on the bottom of our priority lists. Still, if a house looks dirty on the outside, potential homebuyers might not want to step foot in the place, delaying the process of finding a buyer.

Power washing your home can remove bacteria and dirt from your exterior, leaving the surface looking fresh and new. You can do this yourself by renting or purchasing a power washer and slowly but thoroughly going over the siding to remove the grime from your home!

Improve Landscaping

Beautify your home’s exterior by improving your landscaping. This process might mean planting flowers, trimming your lawn and bushes, or applying a treatment for your grass to keep it nice and green. That way, the grass will never be greener than the other side.

Build a Firepit

You can instantly increase the value of your home by building a DIY firepit in your backyard. Potential homebuyers will be able to see themselves hosting get-togethers and living in the house, which will bump up the selling price.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to build a fire pit. All you need is a shovel, pavers, and construction adhesive. You can choose to make the fire pit any size, but if you go with a larger size to fit more people, you’ll only add to your home’s value.

Add More Lighting

Both your front and back yard should have adequate lighting. But make sure to opt for lighting that will accentuate your home’s features rather than drowning them out.

For example, place step lights on your deck stairs or even around the yard to guide your steps as you walk through. String lights are also a popular option for people looking for a cozy feel in their yards.

Update Your Deck

After years of BBQs on those hot summer days, your deck may look a bit worn. The sun can strip your deck’s paint over time, leaving the space with an outdated appearance.

Be sure to add a fresh coat of paint and decorate your deck to match your home’s exterior. You may also consider replacing your deck railing to increase safety and style. Be sure you know how to properly space deck railing posts before you start the project!

Complete these five DIY upgrades in your yard to increase home value. You may enjoy working with your hands and discover the unique charm your house offers to potential homebuyers!