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5 Key Home Remodel Trends for 2019

5 Key Home Remodel Trends for 2019

5 Key Home Remodel Trends for 2019

If you’re like many homeowners, you may find yourself giving serious thought to undertaking some type of home remodel or upgrade project during the coming year. If that is the case, you’re far from being along. Many people are intent on undertaking some type of residential remodel, improvement, or upgrade endeavor. With that noted, there are five important home remodel, improvement, and upgrade trends that appear to be gaining traction in 2019.


Open Floor Plans

The residential open floor plan has been trending for a number of years. 2019 is really seeing open floor plans at the heart of many, many residential remodel projects.

Homeowners are finding a myriad of advantages associated with the open concept floor plan. Overriding many of the more specific benefits associated with an open floor plan is the fact that this residential concept makes the space in a home look larger and more inviting.

In most cases, a residential open floor plan involves a concept in which the kitchen and family or great room are brought together. This occurs even if a previously existing dining room is eliminated in the process. This grand, open space brings together food preparation, dining, and gathering spaces. The concept provides a great deal more flexibility. It permits a homeowner the opportunity to be truly creative and innovative when it comes to decorating this open interior space.


More Windows and More Lights

Another important residential design trend for 2019 is the enhancement of natural and even artificial light in a residence. In this regard, increasing the size and numbers or windows in a home takes precedence over the addition of more lighting fixtures.

The net result of the addition of more windows, of larger windows, and of more light fixtures is a vibrant residence. Additional and larger windows as well as added light fixtures are designed in such a manner to permit illumination adjustments. In other words, both natural light and lighting fixtures can be manipulated to permit the setting a specific mood for whatever happens to be occurring in a home at a particular point in time.


Master Bedroom Suite

Yet another interior design trend for homes in 2019 is the enhancement of master bedrooms into full blown master bedroom suites. Oftentimes, this involves the joining of an existing master bedroom with a bedroom that might be found directly next door to the primary space. In the end, the master bedroom suite becomes a true sanctuary for a homeowner.

The 2019 master bedroom suite typically includes not only an expansive sleeping area but also an additional room set apart for a number of different types of uses. These include a sitting room, an office, a television room, an exercise room, or whatever type of unique additional space a homeowner might need or desire.

In addition, a gracious master bedroom suite is likely to include a bath area that is designed along the lines of a lovely spa. Indeed, oftentimes the bathroom within a 2019 master suite becomes something of a retreat within the retreat space itself.


Smart Home Technology

As is the case across so many components of life in the 21st century, smart technology is a major consideration when it comes to 2019 home improvement trends. Not only are smart appliances and other electronics being incorporated in residences, but smart technology is being incorporated into the physical structure of a home itself.

In addition to smart technology incorporated into the physical structure of a residence itself, in addition to smart technology in appliances and electronics, a good many of this smart technology is remotely accessible via mobile devices of all types.


Larger Kitchens and Gourmet Kitchens

There can be no doubt that the kitchen is a vital space in a residence for the vast majority of homeowners. Thus, when it comes to remodels, it’s not surprising that a focus very well may be the kitchen.

In 2019, an obvious trend is the number of homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens by expanding them, and significantly so. In addition, a notable number of homeowners are spending notable what can prove to be considerable amounts of money creating gourmet kitchens.

If these types of projects are on your radar, you should embark on these remodels if you personally will enjoy this type of upgrade. You cannot count on the expenses associated with a gourmet kitchen upgrade to be recouped in an increase in the market value of your home.

If you’re interested in giving your home some type of enhancement, the trends mentioned here can be solid starting points in your contemplation of what may work well for you in 2019. In addition to making your residence more livable and enjoyable for you, these 2019 residential interior trends are also likely to increase the overall market value of your home.

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