5 Potentially Fatal Staging Mistakes

5 Potentially Fatal Staging Mistakes

5 Potentially Fatal Staging Mistakes

5 Potentially Fatal Staging Mistakes


Staging of a residence is preparing a home for sale on the open real estate market. The process of staging is not to turn a residence into a showplace. Rather, the goal of residential staging is to make a home appealing to the broadest range of potential homebuyers. Theory is a properly staged homes sells more quickly as well as at or above the asking price. Understanding these essential elements of this type of pre-sale preparation, there are five potentially fatal residential staging mistakes.


Too Much Furniture in a Room

Even when very stylish, too much of a good thing really is detrimental when it comes to home furnishings and staging. When staging, a key consideration is the objective of creating something of a canvass onto which a house hunter is able to imagine a residence, and the space within it, as his or her own. When there is too much furniture in a room, the furniture devolves into the entire focal point and hampers a prospective buyer’s ability to envision the space as his or her own.

Property Expert Jess Peletier advises her clients to put any excess furniture and household items in storage whilst showing their homes for sale – using storage sites can be a cost effective means of holding these items safely until the property is sold.


Odors in the Residence

All homes have what fairy might be called ambient smells, odors that permeate a property and might not even catch the notice of residents. People become used to smells they live with on a daily basis. Even smells that many people regard as pleasant are not necessarily pleasing to all. Thus, you want to eliminate odors from the residence. In order to ensure that you’re accomplishing this task, consider having a trusted friend visit your home with the express purpose of identifying any odors that linger (or malinger) in the air.

A light citrusy or a mild herbal scent do have wide appeal. Thus, these do represent suitable scents to use before a showing.


Personal Knickknacks Littering the Residence

You may love your personal knickknacks, but a prospective buyer will have no attachment to them. Indeed, they may find them wholly unappealing. A major staging mistake is failing to stow away knickknacks to provide a clutter-free presentation for prospective buyers.


Not Staging Storage Areas

Storage space is highly important to many house hunters. Thus, you need to avoid a common mistake of failing to stage storage area. This includes cabinets and closets, which will be examined by prospective buyers.


Failure to Clean the Residence Thoroughly

Finally, you need to avoid the potentially fatal staging mistake of failing to thoroughly clean the residence. Consider hiring a professional to give your home a truly comprehensive cleaning before you put your house on the market.

By avoiding these potentially fatal staging mistakes, you ensure you home looks its best. You enhance the prospects for a quicker sale at your asking price.


This article was written for The Holm Group based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Holm Group is a full service real estate team with Platinum Living Realty serving buyers and sellers for the past 20 years.