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5 Reasons to Live in Scottsdale

5 Reasons to Live in Scottsdale

5 Reasons to Live in Scottsdale


If your considering an Arizona city to call home, you may be looking at Scottsdale. Scottsdale is one of the most celebrated communities in Arizona, indeed in the Southwest United States. There are five key reasons to live in Scottsdale.

A Family Friendly Community

A primary reasons why Scottsdale is a great place to call home is because it is a truly family friendly community. Scottsdale does have something of a reputation as being a tourists paradise and a great retirement community. These do represent fair appraisals of the city; however, these affirmations only tell part of the story.

Scottsdale is proving itself as a wonderful place for people to raise families. The school districts serving the community are consistently regarded as among the best in Arizona. When it comes to education, Scottsdale is also in close proximity to well-regarded Arizona State University.

Scottsdale is also considered a relatively safe community when it comes to crime. Safe streets obviously are important when it comes to people from all walks of life, including families with growing children.

Scottsdale is home to an array of family-friendly activities, including museums, recreational opportunities, arts, and entertainment. Simply, there is a great deal for families to do in Scottsdale.

Vibrant Downtown Scene

Scottsdale’s magnificent downtown has become a true Arizona gem in recent times. Downtown Scottsdale was long known for its great nightlife. This includes great dining and entertainment opportunities.

In more recent times, downtown Scottsdale has enjoyed major development when it comes to condos and urban housing options. Downtown Scottsdale has become a prime example of an effective blend of live, work, and play.

Downtown Scottsdale is now considered one of the top five arts markets in all of the United States. Downtown Scottsdale is home to over 70 brilliant art galleries.

Amazing Dining Options

The entertainment scene in Scottsdale has already been mentioned generally. The tremendous dining options in the city warrant being noted on their own. Scottsdale’s downtown is the center point of almost 800 restaurants in the city. Although there is not specific research to absolutely confirm this, a fair argument can me made that Scottsdale has more restaurants per square mile than any other community — anywhere.

In recent years, Scottsdale has attracted some of the most acclaimed chefs in the nation. Indeed, many of the iconic chefs in New York and Los Angeles have opened their own eateries in Scottsdale.

When it comes to dining, there is something for everyone. This includes everything from family restaurants to romantic destinations to fine dining establishments to a rapidly expanding micro-brewery scene, venue which oftentimes also maintain delectable dining options.

Multiple Sports and Recreation

On the list of reasons to live in Scottsdale is the array of sports and recreational opportunities in the community. Chief among the sports and recreational opportunities in Scottsdale is golf. Some of the nation’s premier golf courses are located in and around Scottsdale, including in Paradise Valley.

In addition to golf opportunities, there are other popular recreational options including hiking and camping in nearby parks and open spaces. Many of these activities are considered highly family friendly.

Strong Business and Employment Opportunities

Scottsdale has been enjoying a strong economy. The job scene in Scottsdale is strong. In addition, Scottsdale has garnered a reputation as being a tremendous place for entrepreneurs. Scottsdale has become a national center where innovative new business ventures are launching with consistent regularity.


Affordable Housing Options

The housing market in Scottsdale includes a wide range of different types of properties. This includes some truly stunning high-end residences. It also includes affordable housing options in nice neighborhoods that are well-suited to families with growing children as well as to individuals in their Golden Years.

Some of the primary reasons why Scottsdale is an attractive place to live have been highlighted here. The reality is that there are many more reasons why Scottsdale has become and is very likely to remain one of the most livable communities in the United States.

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