5 Surefire Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

5 Surefire Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

5 Surefire Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

5 Surefire Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

There are some parts of the home that we seem to simply take for granted and don’t pay much attention to. Even when the time for annual maintenance comes, a lot of people skip the roof as they see no reason to worry. However, this only works until some serious issue arise and at that point, chances are the costs of repairing the damage will be quite hefty. If the property you live in is not exactly brand new, you have good reasons to pay attention to the state of your roof and replace it when necessary. Here is what you should look out for.

The roof is losing shingles

Have you noticed that your roof keeps losing shingles every time you have a storm? If you live in an area with particularly bad weather, it can really wreak havoc on your roof. If it’s just one or two shingles that are missing occasionally, you can replace them, but if the problem persists throughout a longer period of time or your roof is missing a lot of shingles, it might mean the whole construction needs replacing.

Damaged shingles

On the other hand, your shingles might be in their place but still be a cause for worry. If your shingles have seen better days, you might need to replace your roof. Cracked shingles will sooner or later endanger the integrity of your roof without you noticing. They can lead to leaks and sooner or later, fall down, so it’s worth getting a roof inspection twice a year to ensure your shingles are not in a bad condition. Similarly, if you notice that your roof’s color is uneven, it might mean that the sun has damaged parts of your roof. So, look into it and replace it if necessary.

Curling or buckling shingles

Other than cracks and spots, what you should look out for are curling or buckling shingles. It can be caused by a variety of things, but it is possible that inadequate ventilation and moisture are the culprits. It is also possible that your shingles have simply reached the end of their expected lifespan. If you notice that your roof is affected by this, you will probably need to replace it soon.

The roof is simply old

Even if you don’t notice any particular problem, it is worth keeping the age of your roof in mind. This might be difficult to tell if you have purchased an older property and are not sure when the roof was last replaced. However, if you have been living under this roof for more than 20 years, there is a high chance that it needs replacement. Asphalt shingle roofs most commonly last for about 20-25 years, and ventilation and weather greatly affect their longevity. For instance, the strong sun can cause heat damage, shortening their lifespan. On the other hand, slate roofs are much more durable (they can even last a century!) and weather-resistant, which means going for slate roofing in Sydney and other sunny places might prove to be a great investment.

The roof is leaking water…

Quite an obvious sign that there is a problem with your roof, if your roof is leaking in any way, make sure to take immediate action. If it is leaking water whenever it rains, it might mean that there is a hole somewhere in the construction or that the valleys are damaged or obstructed in some way. Since the valleys have the important function of navigating the water in the right direction, it is essential that you make sure they are intact. If they are not, you might need to replace your roof. Water leakage is dangerous since there is far more it can damage than just your roof, so reacting on time is essential.

…or light

Water leakage is not the only leakage that a damaged roof might cause. You might also notice your roof leaking light into your attic. While light per se won’t cause the kind of damage water will, seeing light leaking in is a good indicator to get your roof properly inspected. So, check it out from the inside and if you see light leaking in, it might mean there are missing or incorrectly installed shingles in question, and your roof might need replacing.


Even if we don’t think about it often, the roof is an important part of your house and therefore you should ensure it is safe and in good condition. A lot of things can wreak havoc on your roof so it is recommended that you have someone look at it twice a year in order to discover early signs of damage, especially if your roof is not exactly new. When the time comes to replace it, consider the material you go for carefully as you could do away with this issue once and for all with the right choice.