5 things everyone needs to know to fix in the house

5 things everyone needs to know to fix in the house

5 things everyone needs to know to fix in the house


We all remember how our grandma or mom asked our grandparents to do something all the time. And they could do anything: nail nails, repair a car, paint a fence, dig a garden. Our generations encountered the first game consoles, the Internet and all the technology, so all these things have pushed us a little away from the reality to which, as practice shows, we still come after all.

Nowadays, the list of what a man should be able to do and some DIY have expanded a bit, but here are the most important skills which you must know!


Drive a nail, screw in a self-tapping screw and use a drill

To score a carnation is the very first mega skill of a man. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it yet. It’s not that hard.

How to screw a self-tapping screw — you can understand just by looking at it and its shape.

It is important to pick up the necessary drill at first. If you do not know how to attach it to the cartridge, then twist it in your hands, try different methods and you will succeed.


Hang a shelf in the bathroom

A man usually copes with making holes in the walls of a room easily — he calls a masterful friend who is coming for a visit with a drill. However, even experienced drillers often pass in front of the bathroom with its fragile tile.

First, make sure you have the right drill bits. To effectively tile, you need those that are designed to work with bricks. Having chosen a drill of the correct diameter (it should be 1-2 mm thicker than a screw), put a plaster on a tile in the place where you are going to drill. The sticky fabric will absorb surface vibrations and prevent the tiles from cracking.

If you don’t have a plaster, take a playing card, press it against the wall and drill through it: it will also prevent from cracking. When the hole is ready, you will need dowels. If you don’t have it, you can soak the paper in a strong solution of salt and soda (five to six tablespoons in a glass of hot water). Thoroughly hammer a hole in the wall with wet paper, and then screw a screw into it. A day later, when the composition dries, the resulting structure will be able to withstand a heavy shelf.


Sharpen knife

A dull knife can sometimes be the worst thing in the kitchen. You probably don’t have a special sharpener or a whetstone, but there is a way out. For these purposes, you can use the bottom edge of the plate or even a mug. Your task is to position the blade at an angle of 20° and lead it in smooth movements away from you and to the side.

That’s it. You fixed it, you probably impressed someone and you saved money, cause now don’t have to buy a new knife!


Repair outlet

Don’t try to fix the inoperative outlet without knowing the basics of electrical engineering. In everything regarding wiring, it is better to rely on experienced electricians and call Sparkys NOW.

What you can fix is the case when the outlet falls out of the wall. Whatever design nozzle you use on the outside, inside the socket most likely looks standard: wires, holes and a metal frame with paws resting against the walls.

As a rule, the socket falls out because of the frequent changes of forks, the paws begin to crumble the cement. To strengthen the structure, you can insert a plastic box (pipe) with a rough surface into the hole for it. Metal boxes are also sold in stores, but it is better not to use them because of the risk of a short circuit (however, if they are laid out inside with insulating cardboard, the risk is minimal).

And don’t forget to turn down all the electricity in the house.


Assemble furniture

Assembling furniture is almost like assembling a Lego only this one is in a size for adults. So you must learn how to do it. There is nothing complicated in assembling furniture. Often, you can just listen to your intuition and male logic or read the instruction. There you can find the information such as: where to drill and where to screw something and voilà. The cabinet is done!



There is a lot of things that you are capable to repair and fix by yourself. Just always remember that safeness is always in the first place, don’t try to do highly dangerous fixes, that only specialists should do.

In other cases, you can at least try. You can end up saving some money, having a new skill or even impressing someone!