5 Tips on How to Store Your Furniture

5 Tips on How to Store Your Furniture

5 Tips on How to Store Your Furniture

5 Tips on How to Store Your Furniture


Are you in the process of moving houses? Are you getting ready to pack up your furniture and other items for move-in day? Do you have new or existing furniture that needs to be stored away?

Your new house might not be ready for moving in despite running out of time at your old house. It might be held up by renovations or it hasn’t reached closing day yet. Even if you aren’t looking to relocate yet, sometimes you have furniture that needs to be in storage.

So, what do you do with the furniture that needs to be stored? Here are five tips on how to store your furniture carefully in a storage unit.

Save Space and Take Your Furniture Apart

Whether you’re putting furniture into storage for a long or short period, it’s always helpful to minimize the space it takes. Furniture like tables, chairs, and bed frames can be taken apart to save storage space so you can store more items.

Remember to put the nuts and bolts that belong to each piece of furniture into clearly labelled bags. It makes it easy for you to reassemble them when you need to bring them out of hiding.

Place Your Items into Storage Carefully

It’s like playing a game of enlarged Tetris. You need to think about where each item goes to optimize space and ensure that nothing gets damaged. Big-ticket items like couches and televisions can go into your storage unit first because they will be hard to fit later.

You should also consider working from the back of your storage unit to the front. It helps you better plan out how you will use your space and gives you more flexibility to arrange the smaller items.

Safeguard Your Items

Adding soft blankets, foam, or bubble wrap can help keep your items safe. Sometimes, your items might topple over or fall, which can cause them to break or get damaged. If you have any wooden or glass items like dressers and mirrors, consider wrapping them in shrink wrap to protect them from scratches and environmental factors.

Protecting your items before putting them into storage helps preserve the quality and lifespan of your furniture. It is especially important if you’re putting items into storage for longer periods.

Clean and Dust Your Furniture Before Storing it Away

Before storing away your furniture, it’s good to give the surfaces a good wipe. It removes any dirt, dust, and stains that could create a mess in your storage unit or damage your furniture. Using a simple cloth can get the job done, or you can buy furniture cleaner from the store.

Don’t Cram Everything into Your Storage Unit

The more you try to force things into your storage unit, the more likely your furniture will get damaged in the process. Being strategic in the placement of your items is key to helping you optimize storage space.