5 Top Outdoors Improvements To Boost The Value of Your Home

5 Top Outdoors Improvements To Boost The Value of Your Home

5 Top Outdoors Improvements To Boost The Value of Your Home

5 Top Outdoors Improvements To Boost The Value of Your Home



Whether you’re into house-flipping or you simply want to improve the looks and functionality of your backyard to enjoy yourself (and then maybe also sell the whole property one day), improving the state of the outdoor area of your home is always a great idea.

The thing is, no matter how much of a minimalist someone is, seeing an unkempt backyard with no decorations and zero effort put into it is not going to look good as a part of your sales pitch.

One of the biggest parts of selling something, any especially buying and then selling something, is to invest a certain amount of money into it, and then sell it for much more thanks to the added value.

This value often somehow overshoots the funds you invested, so if you do have the dough to do it, you should definitely start making arrangements right away.

In this article, we’re going to list a couple of fail-proof improvements you can whip out to make your backyard better than the vast majority of potential buyers will appreciate.


1) Build a Wooden Deck

When chopped up in decent-looking planks and arranged in an orderly and good-looking fashion, wood makes an area where it’s laid look tranquil and domestic.

The same applies to your backyard, even if it’s outdoors.

To make a part of your backyard look like an extension of your indoor premises, build a wooden deck, cover the thing with a special coating against rotting (so that it can survive rain and rough weather), and your backyard will instantly look more tame and attractive than before.

What’s more, you can fashion seating arrangements and add a table, too, so that it can serve as an outdoor resting area.


2) Set up a Fire Pit

Houses with backyards have that special quality where domesticity of the house itself and the semi-wilderness of the backyard area are blended into one bite-sized package.

When you build in those large wood-burning stoves or fireplaces indoors, it brings the feelings of tranquility and sedateness in your living room. (Plus, your kids will imagine Santa coming out of it when Christmas comes.)

On the other hand, if you set up a fire pit outdoors, in the open air, the whole area will assume an atmosphere of wilderness and bring you back to the cave days when us humans would sit around a dead wooly mammoth and feast upon its flesh. (Or fruits ‘n’ berries, depending what was on the menu that day.)

The great thing about these fire pits is that they are fairly easy and inexpensive to make, but can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to what sort of atmosphere you will create for your backyard area.


3) Make a Swimming Pool

Whether you like swimming or have never learned how to do it, everyone likes dipping their toes in their own backyard swimming pool when the summer comes and the temperatures indoors start becoming unbearable.

Truth to be told, swimming pools do tend to be maintenance-intensive, so to speak, and aren’t exactly the cheapest backyard project to embark on, but if you have the means to do it, you should definitely consider it because it drastically increases the value of the property.


5 Top Outdoors Improvements To Boost The Value of Your Home

4.) Paint the Fences and Other Paintable Objects

… to make the whole backyard come to life in your favorite color patterns.

Depending on where you live, you can go with dark and murky hues to blend with the surroundings, or with bright colors to make an otherwise gray area look more lively and fun.

If you’re from Scandinavia and you live next to evergreen forest, you can paint your shed and fence dark brown or dark green to blend it with the rest of the surrounding décor.

For folks from Sydney, Australia, for example, hiring some painters in Sydney to paint your backyard objects bright colors can make the whole area appear cooler during the scorching-hot summer months.

Or, you can just do whatever you feel like doing in terms of colors in your backyard, as this is the part where you can truly unleash your full creative potential.


5) Plant High-Quality Grass and Take Good Care of It

One of the best ways to make an empty backyard with objects and amenities few and far between attractive and lively – would be to ‘cover’ it with a beautiful lawn.

The great thing about a high-quality lawn is that it can be a great surface for pretty much anything – playing football, building sheds, planting gardens, you name it. Just the healthy look of it is enough to convince a potential buyer that the current owner is taking good care of the property.

All in all, setting up new objects and improving the visual part of your backyard, generally speaking, is a great experience as it is. Add to that the fact that you are massively increasing the value of the entire property as a result, and you can see how starting a backyard-improving project is never a mistake.