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5 Ways To Protect Your Property From Wildfires

5 Ways To Protect Your Property From Wildfires

5 Ways To Protect Your Property From Wildfires


Keep your home maintained so it will be prepared for unexpected weather conditions, but most importantly, start preparing before wildfire season arrives.


Wildfires are a serious threat to the homes and lives of millions of people across the United States. In Arizona, we have seen first-hand how devastating they can be, but we can all help protect our property from wildfires by taking intentional steps. Your effort can go a long way to help save your home and the memories it holds.

Keep Away Combustible Material

Combustibles are anything that can fuel a fire. These can be heaps of grass or leaves left behind after yard work. It can also be any plants or shrubs touching your home’s exterior.

Trim any low-hanging trees close to the walls and roof of your home. Try keeping your yard clear of debris, especially during the most threatening months of the year. There are multiple reasons to test your smoke alarms, but it would be most beneficial to schedule the service before wildfire season begins.

Add a Screen

Vents are a common entry point for flying embers, so install mesh covers over all exterior eaves, vents, windows, and openings. You can purchase mesh screens at most hardware stores; install them on the inside of the structure near vulnerable areas such as doors and windows. The screens will prevent any embers caught by wind gusts from entering your home and starting a fire.

Use Fire-Resistant Plants for Landscaping

Use fire-resistant plants in your landscaping to protect your property and the surrounding environment. Plants with dried twigs, needles, and leaves can quickly spread a fire. Adding sedges, coneflowers, and delphinium makes your property look great and more resistant to wildfires. To further enhance their abilities, look for drought tolerant species or those that require minimal care from you.

Flame Resistant and Fire-Resistant Coatings

Another option for protecting your property from wildfires is to apply flame-resistant and fire-resistant coatings. They protect the structure of a building, either by coating the structure itself or using material that has been coated. The coating will prevent the spread of fire and keep it from traveling, which can be a wonderful upgrade and a great selling point for future buyers. It’s important to note that these materials cannot stop all fires; they may only slow down their progress. If you want your home protected against wildfires, talk with a contractor about what kind of fire-resistant paint products would suit your situation.

Fight the Flames

Wildfires are a threat all over the country, but they can be particularly dangerous in areas prone to fires. If you live in one of these areas, you need to take certain steps to protect your property from wildfires.

We hope this post has given you some ideas for protecting your home from wildfires. We know that these natural disasters are scary and can seem like an unstoppable force, but there is much that homeowners can do to minimize the damage. Don’t let yourself become a statistic; take action today!