How to Design a Minimalist Home Office

Working from home has numerous benefits both for your business, wellbeing and your property value!

How to Design a Minimalist Home Office

Working from home has numerous benefits both for your business, wellbeing and your property value!


Since the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise, a lot of us started to see the real benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. It already was a reality for a lot of people, since a lot of businesses and industries have gone global. A lot of people are working remotely and it has become quite normal to dedicate a corner of your home to set up your own home office.

The benefits of doing your business at home are numerous – flexible work hours, a pleasant atmosphere, you will find new inspiration and awaken your creativity by working in a space that is familiar and friendly.

Also, it can increase your property value from a marketing standpoint. How is that possible? Having your own home office has become pretty much normal so your property will automatically look more attractive to your potential buyers. And it doesn’t require the luxury of having a spare room for that purpose only.

You can play with spaces and do an attic, a basement or a garage remodel? Show your creativity and amaze your potential clients and potential buyers as well.

How adding a home office will increase my value?

As we mentioned before, it has become quite normal to work remotely. And this trend is here to stay since the COVID-19 pandemic locked us all. Yet, everything is still working smoothly so the real evolution of workspaces is yet to come.

Maybe you are working as a virtual assistant, you are running a successful online store or you are a graphic designer. So having your own little corner where the ideas will flow smoothly is of crucial importance. If you find a potential buyer for your home who thinks alike it could be that one plus that will end up with signing a contract.

Also, it will show your creativity, clever use of spaces and combining the right elements for the win. But you need to be careful not to go over the top while thinking that creating an ultimate home office will raise your property price sky-high.

You don’t have to break a bank, people don’t want too much luxury yet you can make it look more luxurious and much more desirable with clever fixes. So be original, use the space you have and turn it to the modern home office that will leave buyers thinking about it.

Acoustic Design

Everyone wants peace and quiet while working on their world domination plans. Well, business plans to say at least. Just remember your previous workplaces where the noise was everywhere, phones ringing, electrical equipment is buzzing, outside traffic is too noisy.

When you are working from home you are exposed to different types of noise. Your family is having their own daily routine, the streets are busy, traffic is still noisy.

The only difference – you can actually fix your acoustic design because you are the owner. So think about soundproofing doors and windows first, after that think about walls. These fixes are not expensive and you will finally have peace of your mind.

Play with styles

When setting your home office it is important to think about the following – to leave your personal touch.No one wants to work in a sterile environment (unless you are having a lab at home or you are a dentist).

You need to leave an impression of professionalism and elegance, yet to show that you are a human after all. When choosing the furniture find your balance between cozy and elegant. You don’t want to be too cozy because there is work to be done.

Yet, if you are sitting in a modern and uncomfortable chair the only thought on your mind will be taking another break. And another.

So, find comfortable office furniture and choose a color palette that will be both pleasant for the eye and not too distracting. Think about soft pastel colors, think about the elegance of the mat black colors. Monochromatic colors.

And then the personal touches, just like in living spaces – add something that is important to you. Yes, it could be a photo, a unique figurine, whatever inspires you and helps you remember why you love your work.

Natural light and refreshing atmosphere

Let there be light and let your ideas be in the spotlight. Natural light is always the best because when you are exposed to artificial lights too much – you will feel more tired. The atmosphere also should be refreshing and enjoyable, fresh air sparks the fire of creation.

Yet if you are for example working from your garage or basement you need to be a little more crafty and creative. Color your walls with lighter colors or use the led lighting fixtures that promote the natural atmosphere.

Home business for the win

When you are feeling comfortable in your workspace you will feel more comfortable with your business. Having a home office where you feel secure can help you be even more confident in sharing your own ideas, that would be, just like your home office – timeless, elegant with your original personal touch.