6 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

6 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

6 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

6 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

With white-sand beaches, scenic landscapes, and beautiful weather, Hilton Island is already famous as a vacation spot. But living on this shoe-shaped island might offer more than you can expect. 

This culture-rich island is known for its world-class golf courses and other amenities. And different communities on the island are suitable for different demographics. So, everyone will find one they fall in love with.


Hilton Island: A Quick Look

Take a look at some key metrics of the island.

Total Area 41.4 square miles
Population 38,068
Population Density 920.6 per square mile
Median Age 59.1 years
Per Capita Income $61,752


5 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

Before you choose Hilton Head Island as your next home, here are the top reasons to love living in Hilton Island. 

  • Fantastic Weather

  • Average Annual Temperature: 67.4 ℉
  • Highest Relative Humidity (in August): 80.22%

If bright sunny days with not-so-extreme temperatures are your favorite, look no further. Hilton Head Island, simply Hilton Head, has lovely weather year-round. In January, the temperature might go down to 39 ℉. And it will rise up to 90 ℉ in July.

April, May, September, and October are the most beautiful months on the island. This Island can be a year-long vacation spot if you choose to live here. 

Did You Know?

The amount of rainfall is significant on Hilton Island. About 45.7 inches of rainfall happens here every year. 

  • Diverse Communities with Lovely Environment


  • Major Residential Communities: 13

One of the main reasons to love living on this island is its variety of communities, each of which has a unique appeal. From private oceanfront communities like Port Royal to plantation communities like Hilton Head Plantation, they can provide a distinct essence of life based on your preference. 

Whether you love the downtown vibe or desire a beach condo, Hilton Island has a lot of options. 

Did You Know?

Housing expenses here exceed the national average by 23%. Del Webb’s Sun City is the only active-adult community in Hilton Head offering homes under $300,000.


  • Rich History and Culture

Hilton Head Island has a long history and rich culture to brag about. King Cotton ruled the area in the colonial period. Plantation workers used to work on the island but lived in Savannah or Charleston.

After the investment of the Hilton Head Company, logging operations started here. Visionary building codes on the island stated that buildings on the island should be shorter than the trees surrounding them. You will still see plantation-style architecture on the island.

Many nature museums, history museums, and art museums increase the attraction of the island.

Did You Know?

Before building the bridge to the island in 1956, the only mode of transportation to the island was by boat or ferry. 

  • Scenic Beaches

6 Reasons to Love Living in Hilton Island

The warm air and flour-like sand on a stretch of 12 miles is something to die for. Wide beaches offer many entertainment activities, including surfing, walking along the shores, biking on the beach, etc. So, your summer vacation is going to last forever on Hilton Island.

A lot of secret beach spots are also there. You can take a boat to Burkes Beach or Tree Beach and spend some time with yourself in tranquility. 

Did You Know?

You can bring your dogs to the beach and let them off-leash in the months from October to March. But that is only allowed after 5 pm.

  • Amazing Cuisine

How about gazing at sunsets on the Atlantic and eating some shrimp or oysters? You may love blue crab or lobster even more. Hilton Island is ready to meet your seafood cravings all year long.

You can also enjoy French, Italian, Japanese, and traditional cuisine on the Island. So, every day of your living on the Island will be memorable.

Did You Know?

The annual Seafood Festival is organized every year in February. Attending the festival can be a great experience if you live on Hilton Island.

  • Low Taxes

Though housing costs in Hilton Island are higher than the national average, you get a lot of tax benefits here. The property taxes are much lower than in other states. 

And if you have retired, you will get a $15,000 deduction on your taxable income.

Did You Know?

Social security benefits also get a tax deduction in Hilton Island.


Besides the natural beauty, extensive outdoor opportunities, and active communities, Hilton Island has a strong economy. The tourism industry is thriving here, and it is the right time to invest in properties on Hilton Island, as the year-to-year home value growth is 9.3%. Choose Hilton Island as your home if you want your vacation never to end.