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6 Things You Need to Do Before Moving into a New Home

6 Things You Need to Do Before Moving into a New Home

6 Things You Need to Do Before Moving into a New Home


Moving into a new home is a huge step in one’s life. The event is quite stressful on its own but it would probably be even more stressful, were you not too busy with all the tasks that are necessary for moving into a new place. The sooner you start planning the better, however, time alone will not ensure the efficiency of the move. In order for this to work, you need to have your priorities straight and use it to make a proper plan. Here are six things that should make the core of this plan.

1.      Figure out the neighborhood

There are some people who prefer to take a casual approach to exploring their new neighborhood after moving to a new location. For them, it comes down to checking the crime rate of the area before moving and then just trying to figure things out on the go. Nonetheless, this is not the most efficient method. What if you figure out, just after you move, that you’ve forgotten to pack toilet paper? Where is the closest convenience store or supermarket? It’s things like this that you have to think ahead of time.

2.      Clean up the place

Even though the place may look clean on the surface, the truth is that you don’t know much about the previous tenant. You have no idea of the activities that took place in the home and the hygienic habits of the previous tenant/owner. Therefore, reading some cleaning tips and cleaning the place would be a great idea. If you’re moving into a rental home, it’s a good idea to take a photo of the place before you move your stuff. This is the default state to which you want to return the place once you decide to move out. Sure, you’re just moving in but you always need to plan ahead.

3.      Replace the locks

As we’ve already mentioned, you really don’t know much about the previous tenant, which is why you need to replace the locks as soon as possible. Even if they are decent folk, you still have no idea who else has the key. Do they have a friend, a family member or an ex who hasn’t returned the key? Did they hire a house sitter who made a copy without ever telling them? Also, if they failed to replace the locks upon moving in, what about the tenant that came before them? To avoid having to worry about all of these questions, you need to find a reliable locksmith in your area. As we’ve mentioned the urgency here is paramount, which is why you should look for a 24 hour locksmith.

4.      Connect the internet

We just cannot stress out how important this is. You see, previously, we’ve mentioned tasks like finding the locksmith, checking out local convenience stores and even taking a photo (that you will, most likely, store on the cloud). One of the things that all of these tasks have in common is the fact that they require the internet. Therefore, check local providers and bear in mind that they may take weeks to come to the location. So, book them in advance in order to have everything ready upon your arrival.

5.      Make sure everyone’s up to speed

If you’re not moving alone, you need to keep in mind that the rest of your family also has to be on board with the move. Everyone’s under stress and you need to help them overcome it. While doing the above-discussed research, you can look for nearby parks and playgrounds. Taking your kids there one or two days after arrival may help them make new friends, which will definitely help them embrace the place as their new home. As for your partner, communication is key to overcoming any difficulty.

6.      Notify everyone

Finally, your inhabitants are not the only ones affected by the relocation. For instance, if you’re moving, chances are that you’ll have to change jobs, which is why your employer needs to know. Subscriptions that deliver directly to your address need to be canceled (or at least your address needs to be updated), not to mention that you have to notify your friends and family members. As for your neighbors, a farewell party is probably the best solution.

In conclusion

In the end, moving into a new home is not just a stressful event. It’s a symbolic start of a new chapter in your life. You’re moving to a new living environment, surrounding yourself with new people, possibly even starting in a new job. Therefore, it’s something that you should look at with a certain dose of optimism. By following through with your move-in plan, you’ll be able to get the most out of this concept. Just make sure that you start with priorities and then handle the details as you go.