7 Great Things to do in Paradise Valley

7 Great Things to do in Paradise Valley

7 Great Things to do in Paradise Valley


Paradise Valley is home to approximately 13,000 residents. Paradise Valley has the distinction of being the wealthiest community in the state of Arizona. The town is home to some of the best golf courses in the state, even in the world. Paradise Valley features amazing shopping and dining opportunities. There are seven fantastic things to do in this gracious, grand city. These outstanding, talked-about selections present a fair summary of all the amazing activities and venues that exist in the tony town of Paradise Valley.


Cosanti Originals

Cosanti Originals is home to the gallery and studio of Paolo Soleri, an awesome Italian-American architect. Cosanti Originals is open to the public. Cosanti Originals is best known for inspiriting work done in ceramic and bronze. In addition, the venue features custom-designed and created wind bells, hugely popular items in and around Paradise Valley. The venue features items for sale, including original work by Soleri. This art can add a great deal to the décor of a home.


Mohave Trail

Arizona is a outdoor paradise. The Mohave Trail is a prime example of what outdoor Arizona has to offer. Scenic hikes are the order of the day on the Mohave Trail. In addition, the area is pet friendly. While on the trail, a person is able to take in some of the most stunning landscape in the state of Arizona.


Jade Bar

As mentioned, Paradise Valley is home to some of the very best when it comes to elegant entertainment opportunities. This includes the wildly popular Jade Bar. The fashionable Jade Bar is located in Paradise Valley’s Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort. Highly popular with Arizona tourists, Jade Bar is the upscale watering hole of choice among residents of tony Paradise Valley. In addition to a lovely ambiance and well-crafted libations, Jade Bar features live music regularity, oftentimes featuring local performers from the greater Phoenix area. Jade Bar has garnered a well deserved reputation for being the destination of choice for major celebrations and special occasions.


Mummy Mountain

Mummy Mountain lies above the town and provides the best view of Paradise Valley. Mummy Mountain provides a wide range of enjoyable recreational experiences. This includes everything from an untouched wilderness available for exploring to a variety of other hiking and mountain climbing opportunities. Mummy Mountain is renowned as being the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily living.


Paradise Valley Country Club

The stunning Paradise Valley Country Club is an elegant venue that features everything from a world-renowned golf course, professional quality tennis courts, and a complete fitness center with the latest equipment. Moreover, the location of Paradise Valley Country Club provides breathtaking view of the valley and surrounding area.


O.S.H.O. Brewery

Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost, better known as O.H.S.O., is a nano-brewery that has taken the area by storm. In addition to producing compelling microbrews, O.S.H.O. also maintains a delectable menu. O.S.H.O. is open from lunch and dinner as well as brunch on the weekend. The menu has vegetarian and gluten free offerings. O.S.H.O. is also set apart from the pack of upper-end eateries and breweries in the area. Despite featuring top shelve libations, O.S.H.O. presents one of the most affordable libation menus in the greater Phoenix area.


El Chorro Lodge

El Chorro Lodge is both a favored destinations for tourists and a popular venue for locals. El Chorro Lodge offers bocce courts as well as a comfortable patio on which local live music is the order of the day with regularity. The menu at El Chorro Lodge offer delectable dishes, including a talked-about array of seasonal offerings the year around. El Chorro Lodge is a popular venue for special celebrations, including events associated with weddings and special celebrations of different types. Finally, El Chorro has what accurately can be called the most popular happy hour in Paradise Valley. The venue gleans this designation because of its custom-crafted, reasonably priced drink options and a solid menu of house-made dishes.

The enjoyable things to do referenced in this article is only a smattering of all that is available in Paradise Valley to visitors and residents alike. In addition to these activities and venues, El Chorro Lodge offers much, much more to people from all walks of life, nearly always with a unique sense of style.


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