7 Simple Home Repair or Improvement Projects To Do Yourself

7 Simple Home Repair or Improvement Projects To Do Yourself

7 Simple Home Repair or Improvement Projects To Do Yourself

Part of homeownership is dealing with items that need to be repaired as the need to do so arises. There are home repair projects that are also easy to undertake without professional assistance. Presented for your consideration here are seven simple home repair or improvement projects you really can do on your own.


Paint the Space

One of the simplest of home repair projects you can undertake is painting. This includes both exterior and interior painting of your residence. The reality is that painting your home is just about the easiest home repair and improvement project you can undertake on your own. Worn or chipped paint can be addressed quickly and with moderate effort on your part.

In order to get the hang of painting, before you embark on a larger project, consider take a shot at a smaller space in your residence. For example, test your initial painting prowess by painting a storage room or even a smaller bathroom off the main pathway of your home. Starting in a room in your home that has less traffic likely will leave you less apprehensive about the process.

As a final thought: painting is a forgiving process. If you don’t like your first attempt, you can do it over.


Deal with Doors

The typical home is filled with doors, usually a variety of different types of doors. Residential doors do end up requiring repair and maintenance from time to time. Door-related issues can include everything from sticking to squeaking. Many door issues or problems can be prepared with ease and without professional assistance.

For example, worn hinges and other hardware can be addressed with relative ease. You can find whatever you need to replace worn door hardware at a home improvement center. With simple tools, you can replace this hardware in no time at all.

You can also deal with an issue like a sticking door fairly easily as well. Oftentimes, this type of issue can be rectified by plaining a bit off the edge of a door, yet another example of a simple home repair task you can undertake personally.


Refresh Caulk

Another easy repair that you can undertake on your own is re-caulking places in your home. Home repair and improvement experts suggest that the hardest part of the re-caulking process is removing old, worn, discolored, or damaged caulk that is already in place. There are now products available to homeowners that soften existing caulk, making it far easier to remove.

Once a person gets the hang of applying new caulk, the application process really is something of a breeze. In most cases, a person is able to quickly master the process of applying new caulk.


Repair a Leaky Faucet

A homeowner should never minimize a leaky faucet. Even if only a small amount of water is dripping from an imperfect faucet, you need to understand that over time, a dripping faucet adds up to what can be a considerable amount of wasted water. This literally becomes money down the drain.

In many instances the repairs that need to be made on a leaky faucet are relatively easy to undertake. These repairs can be as simple as tightening elements on a faucet or inserting a new washer.


Unplug a Toilet

Although an unpleasant task, unplugging a toilet is one of the easier home repair tasks a person can undertake. The initial issue when a toilet is plugged is to ascertain whether or not some foreign object has been placed into and is clogging a toilet. A foreign object may not be susceptible to being forced downward and out but may need to be snared and removed upward.

When a toilet becomes clogged by bathroom tissue, which is the most common reason for blockage, a plunger oftentimes is effective at solving the issue. In the alternative, there are instances in which a bucket of water can be added into the toilet bowl (not the tank). The added pressure of the additional water may be enough to force the toilet and outbound pipe to clear.


Unclog a Drain

Drains clog for an array of reasons. Drain clogs can stem from everything from an accumulation of hair, grease, or foreign objects. Foreign objects need to be removed in an upward manner similar to what was described a moment ago in regard to a toilet.

Other types of clogs many times can be cleared through the use of over the counter liquid de-clogging products. In addition, there are snakes that are available to consumers that can be utilized to manually break up a clog in a sink and clear the pipe.


Replace Light Switch

Considerable amount of repair work associated with an electrical system in a home needs to be addressed by a professional. On the other hand, light switches themselves can typically be replaced by a homeowner. The wiring associated with a light switch is easy to disconnect and reconnect to a new switch.

If you’re a renter, you can undertake certain repair projects on your own. You do need to be certain to alert your landlord to what you intended to repair and get permission to do so.


DIY Furniture (Do It Yourself)

Another great home improvement project is to create your own furniture from items in your house that you might not be using or just throw away.  I have -seen a lot of great videos around the internet on how to convert items such as: tires, old crates, tables and benches that can be redone to really spruce up your place.  This takes a little trial and error but there are some really good ideas out there..

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