7 Tips for Decorating Home with Antiques

7 Tips for Decorating Home with Antiques

7 Tips for Decorating Home with Antiques


Antiques or vintage accessories hold a very significant meaning to someone or even an entire family genealogy. The beginning of the new millennium in the year 2000 has given rise to various, unique trends in home decorating. And although people want a more modern, minimalist home design – some homeowners prefer decorating their homes with antiques for a more momentous atmosphere.

However, not all people who want to integrate antique furniture and accessories in their homes have a keen eye for detail. One misplacement can turn out to be an eyesore or different patterns can rankle the homeowner every time. You certainly need not enroll in an antique decoration 101 class nor achieve a Ph.D. in antique decoration. But you can certainly do these top 7 tips for decorating your home with antiques.

  1. Size Matters

This is the first rule in decorating your home with antiques: Always make sure you consider the scale if you’re planning on buying antique furniture or accessories. First, think about which room the antique furniture or accessory will go. You can’t just walk into an antique shop and buy an antique item because it looks good. You have to make sure it will also look good when integrated into your modern home. Let’s say, for example, you buy a piece of a small antique clock and hang it on a huge wall in the living room. Don’t you think it’ll look out of place?

  1. Be Careful About Mixing and Matching

Although it’s good to be bold when it comes to home decorating these days; when you’re dealing with antique furniture and accessories, sometimes they don’t look good together with other pieces of modern furniture and accessories. It’s good to add up patterns and textures for a more creative and lively feel – but keep it to a minimum. In addition, don’t be afraid to choose flamboyant colors for your accessories. One general rule is to pick one vivid color and start decorating with different hues of that color.

  1. Buy High-Quality Antique Pieces

The only drawback when buying antique furniture and accessories is that they could be remnants of wear and tear. But that’s what makes them special – enduring the test of time and permeating all memorable episodes in the past. Although they are more prone to damages by external elements, it’s very important to buy antique pieces which can still last through the next generations. Always remember that cheap doesn’t mean bad quality. An antique dealer can help you find premium pieces at affordable prices.

  1. Rustic Design Never Fails

Incorporating a rustic design together with your vintage pieces never fails. Say, for example, you can choose old black-and-white photos and place them individually in rustic frames. Or you can also take your heirlooms and place them on a rustic shelf. The advantage of going rustic is that because it’s based on a neutral color, it can go well with anything!

  1. Remember the 80/20 Rule in Home Decorating

The 80/20 rule in home decorating is quite simple and works every time. When it comes to mixing modern and antique furniture, make sure that 80 percent is modernistic and 20 percent consists of antique pieces. It doesn’t have to be all furniture but the remaining 20 percent could be smaller vintage pieces like a grandfather’s clock or an antique mirror.

  1. Make Them the Focal Point

The whole point of accessorizing with antique pieces is to make them stand out from the usual contemporary pieces. The placement of these pieces should make them the focal point in the room. There’s no use decorating with antique furniture or accessories if they just stay in the background. If you don’t have a good eye, it’s best to consult someone who’s an expert in this field.

  1. Make Sure the Whole Ensemble Reflects Your Style

We all know about these rules on mixing and matching modern and vintage furniture or accessories and although they are a great guide to piece everything together, don’t steer clear of your own style and preference. Your home is a haven you’re going to be living in for the rest of your life or your children’s – at least personalize it so it reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Now that you’re on your way to getting first dibs on those compelling and stunning antique furniture, make sure you adhere to these rules and you’ll never go wrong in decorating your home with antiques.

Author Bio; Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, renewable energy innovations and more. She spends her free time hiking, swimming, camping and spending time with her family. She also blogs at TheGeneratorLab which is a site filled with home energy tips and guides.