8 of the Best Restaurants in Carefree

8 of the Best Restaurants in Carefree, Arizona

Palo Verde at Boulders Resort and Spa


Carefree, Arizona, is home to a wide variety of different entertainment opportunities, including an array of wonderful restaurants. These eateries include eight of the best restaurants in business today in Carefree.


Giordano’s Trattoria Romana

Giordano’s Trattoria Romana opened its inviting, welcoming doors over 25 years ago. Located in the heart of Carefree, Giordano’s Trattoria Romana has become one of the most popular and highly regarded eateries not only in the community but across the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Giordano’s Trattoria Romana presents a delectable menu featuring classic Italian dishes that include pollo alla cacciatore, eggplant rollatini, piccata, Giordano, saltimbocca, marsala, piemontese, osso buco Milanese, among many other highly acclaimed dishes.

Giordano’s Trattoria Romana is also renowned for its great wine list grand selection of desserts. These include cannoli, four seasons, amaretto cheesecake, and chocolate Grand Teton


Palo Verde at Boulders Resort and Spa

Located at the magnificent Boulders Resort and Spa, Palo Verde is one of the most widely acclaimed restaurants in Carefree. As a result of its connection with the resort, Palo Verde is heavily patronized by visitors to the Phoenix area. In addition, locals consistently rank Palo Verde as one of their favorite eateries.

The menu at Palo Verde focus on simple and comforting entrée selections. Palo Verde strives to use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

The relaxing dining room offers guests stunning views of the Sonoran Desert. The dining room also overlooks the 6th fairway of an award-winning golf course. A lovely duck pond is also in view.


Athens on Easy Street

Athens on Easy Street is a greek-inspired, approachable, modern Mediterranean restaurant located in Carefree, Arizona. Influenced by a global perspective and a desire to treat every guest like family, at Athens on Easy Street, we invite you into our home.


Brix Wine & Bistro

Brix Wine & Bistro is the place for the wine connoisseur and has a large wine list in Carefree and around the Phoenix metro area. The establishment offers a wide array of different wines.

In addition, Brix serves nosh plates and cheese platters. On Wednesday evenings, Brix presents gourmet dinners cooked to order in cooperation with Grilled Addition and The Wandering Donkey



Popular cafe from chef Kevin Binkley, offering low-key New American meals in a cozy bistro setting.


Venues Café

Another of the best restaurants in Carefree is Venues Café. Venues Café is a longtime favorite of Phoenix-area locals. Venues Café presents classic European and contemporary American cuisine.

The menu at Venues Café focuses on healthy selections. In addition, the eatery is committed to sourcing its ingredients locally.


Sundial Garden Café

Sundial Garden Café is another longtime favorite in Carefree. Sundial Garden Café is a seasonal eatery, opening during the pleasant “Desert Weather” months of mid-September through May each year. Sundial Garden Café is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week. Dinner is served at Sundial Garden Café on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can bring your own wine to Sundial Garden Café. There is a $10 corkage fee.

Sundial Garden Café presents an exiting new menu each time it opens it seasonal doors. The eatery has a new owner, well-regarded and award-winning chef Shawn Jaynes. The bistro does offer some gluten free options. The Sundial Garden Café overlooks the iconic Sundial Landmark.


Corrado’s Cucina Italiana

Finally, the list of the eight best restaurants in Carefree, Arizona, is rounded out by Corrado’s Cucina Italiana. Corrado’s Cucina Italiana offers truly authentic, classic Italian cuisine. The chef-owned eatery features menu items brought from Italy. These include menu items that have been prepared in the chef’s Italian family for generations. Corrado’s Cucina Italiana also gets high marks for its relaxing and well-appointed dining room.

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