Phoenix: The Valley’s Centerpiece

8 Prime Reasons to Call Phoenix Home

8 Prime Reasons to Call Phoenix Home


If you find yourself contemplating a move, Phoenix might have ended up on your list of possible communities to call home. Phoenix is one of the most talked about cities in the Southwest, if not the United States. There are variety of reasons why so many people happily live in Phoenix. Indeed, there are eight prime reasons to call Phoenix home.


The True Splendor of Phoenix

At the top of the list of why to live in Phoenix is the majestic beauty of the area. Nestled in an amazing valley, Phoenix has mountains on both sides of that expanse. In addition, there are other lovely peaks within the city itself, including Camelback Mountain and South Mountain. Phoenix is renowned for stunning desert vistas and some of the most breathtaking sunsets to be found anywhere. Calling Phoenix paradise definitely is not a misnomer.


A Recreational Dream

Phoenix offers a true plethora of recreational activities, opportunities that outpace what is found in most other cities in the country. Although a cliché, when it comes to recreation in Phoenix, there really is something for everyone. These activities include hiking, tubing, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, and golf on award-winning courses.


A Winter Paradise

Yes, Phoenix can be toasty during a trio of months in the summertime. Accepting that, during the rest of the year, the weather in Phoenix is brilliant. Phoenix has one of the most lovely climates in the wintertime, a reality that has made it a premiere congregating point in the U.S.A. for snowbirds. Even in the hotter summer months, the city is well-equipped in many ways to maximize the comfort of residents and guests alike. There are plenty of indoor activities during the day and evenings and nights in Phoenix prove to be pleasant with regularity in the summer.


Reasonably Priced Housing

Many housing markets in the West and Southwest have experienced explosive pricing the past five years. The Phoenix housing market has been more moderate. There remain single family residences, townhomes, condos, and apartments in broad price ranges. There is solid housing stock for everyone from people looking for homes to raise families and individuals seeking a place to retire.


Rich Heritage and History

Another prime reason to call Phoenix home is its tremendously rich heritage and history. The Phoenix metropolitan area is home to nearly two dozen different historical points of interest and cultural centers. Some of the finest examples of Native American art are showcased at the iconic Heard Museum.


Thriving Business Community

As the state capital, and the prime business center of the state — indeed of all the Southwest — the employment outlook in Phoenix is strong. Job opportunities abound in virtually all sectors. In addition, Phoenix residents have access to some of the most highly regarded institutions of higher learning west of the Mississippi River.


Tremendous Entertainment

Yet another reason Phoenix fairly tops the list of the best places to reside in the country is the tremendous entertainment options in the city. Phoenix is home to restaurants and bistros with unimaginably delectable menus. The city in the dessert is known for bright theatre, vibrant music venues, and nightclubs where residents and visitors can dance the night away.


Traffic and Travel

A big city myth needs to be busted when it comes to Phoenix. Because of the size of the city, people tend to presume traffic congestion is an issue. In fact, time and again Phoenix is rated as the major U.S. city with the easiest commutes. In addition, Phoenix is home to Sky Harbor International Airport, with direct connections to all major U.S. cities and many foreign destinations beyond the shores. As an aside, Phoenix is a quarter day’s drive to popular destinations in California and Mexico as well as to Las Vegas.

If you are like many people who’ve at least had occasion to visit Phoenix, these reasons likely already resonate with you. If you’ve not had the chance to spend time in the Arizona capital city but are considering it as a possible future home, a visit to the city is highly recommended. Such a visit will allow you the chance to check out these stellar features Phoenix has to offer to you.



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