A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them

A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them

A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them

A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them


Rugs can elevate a room from boring to stylish in one easy step. Although rugs are great to have, it can be hard deciding on the right rug. Often, you find rugs in different areas of the home based on room size, usage, and how heavy foot traffic is in that part of the house. Even if you have carpeted floors, you can still use area rugs to help protect particular parts of your floors or carpet. Here’s a guide to different rugs and where to put them in your home.

Living Room Rugs

The living room is one of the most popular places to put a rug in a home. When shopping for the right rug, don’t settle for a small one, as it can make the room feel smaller. Instead, opt for a large rug for your living space, as it then feels expansive. By placing your rug in the center of the room, either under an ottoman or coffee table, you’ll create a clean appearance for your living room.

Dining Room Rugs

Some aren’t sure about having a rug in the dining room—especially directly under the dining room table. If you’re adventurous and willing to try anything once, try out a rug in your dining room, and you’ll become amazed at the difference. Consider getting a rug that’s 60 centimeters longer than each end of your dining room table, so every chair fits onto the carpet. Avoid shaggy and sheepskin rugs, as one can shed and the other won’t last well underneath the table, as it can drag.

Bedroom Rugs

Rugs are more common in bedrooms than you’d think, especially if a bedroom has hardwood or tiled floors. The most popular carpet size for a double bed is an eight-by-ten rug, which gives an impression of a more spacious room. Usually, it won’t matter if your rug is directly under your bed or on the side, but if you want a bedroom that feels balanced, consider placing the bed in the center of the carpet.

Kitchen Rugs

Rugs in the kitchen are also common. They’re good for foot health and help you relax as you walk to each part of the counter, preparing and cooking food. Rugs in kitchens tend to make a kitchen feel more inviting and even balanced. If you’re looking for more cushion, consider purchasing a rug that has memory foam.

When considering a rug for your home, make sure that you’re purchasing the right one that fits your personality and helps keep each room balanced. Without balance, our home would seem disorganized and feel pretty small. Take our advice on the different rugs and where to place them and apply it to your future rug purchases.