A Look at the Best Restaurants in Scottsdale

A Look at the Best Restaurants in Scottsdale

A Look at the Best Restaurants in Scottsdale

Photos of Citizen Public House

Scottsdale is home to a wide array of entertainment and leisure options, including some absolutely amazing restaurants. The best restaurants in Scottsdale at this juncture in time present a wide range of delectable cuisines. Here is a look at some of the best restaurants in the city.


Weft & Wart Bar

Weft & Wart Bar is an exception to the rule. Weft & Wart outpaces what people customarily expect at hotel restaurants. Located in the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa, Weft & Wart Bar is one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale. Weft & Wart Bar features a lovely, relaxing dining room and an amazing U-shaped bar. Weft & Wart Bar presents a well-crafted dinner menu with tasty selections that routinely outpace what is offered by many other bistros in the community.


Citizen Public House

Another of the most highly regarded restaurants in Scottsdale is Citizen Public House. Nestled in Old Town Scottsdale, Citizen Public House is a truly stunning, upscale gastropub. The bistro features an array of American classics with a creative turn. In addition to a tremendous, wildly praised menu, Citizen Public House has established a strong reputation for some of the smartest, tastiest cocktails in the Scottsdale-Phoenix metroplex.



Sel is a snug bistro on Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale. Sel has the look and feel of a throwback neighborhood bistro not seen in the Southwest in this day and age. The intimate setting seats about 50 guests. There is additional seating on a comfortable outdoor patio. In addition to delicious entrees, Sel has staked a claim to presenting some of the best desserts in all of Scottsdale. These include some house crafted specialties that bring customers back time and again.


Virtu Honest Craft

Opened in 2013, Virtu Honest Craft is the brilliant brainchild of renowned chef Gio Osso’s Virtu. In the relatively short time that Virtu Honest Craft has been in operation, the establishment has become not only a local sensation but a national one as well. The well-praised menu features an array of delectable selections, most with a Mediterranean flair.



FnB is the dining destination in Scottsdale that has a truly fabulous rotation of seasonal menus. FnB is dedicated to turning local produce and other food selections into truly amazing menu items. The locally sourced cuisine created at FnB consistently has a truly international flair. In addition to a menu critics rave about, FnB is nestled next to an adjacent bar that is a popular Scottsdale watering hole.



Names after its founding Chef, Marcellino Verzino, Marcellino has garnered an enduring reputation in Scottsdale as the destination of choice for both celebratory and romantic dinners. Marcellino presents a spectacular menu of Italian entrees and apps. In addition, classic Italian desserts are excellent ways to round out a meal at Marcellino, selections like panna cotta and tiramisu.


J&G Steakhouse

J&G Steakhouse is another excellent dining destination at a Scottsdale resort that breaks out of the stereotype that hotel restaurants may trend to being somewhat uninspired. Located in The Phoenician resort, J&G Steakhouse has a well-established reputation for excellent service and remarkable food. As the name makes clear, steaks are the focus of the menu at J&G Steakhouse. With that said, the establishment also offers a tasty selection fresh seafood. J&G Steakhouse is popular with visitors to and residents of Scottsdale alike.


Hot Noodles Cold Sake

Hot Noodles Cold Sake is a relaxed, popular, and casual ramen bistro. The creator of Hot Noodles Cold Sake, Josh Herbert, was the culinary creative behind the now-defunct Posh. He brought the acclaimed ramen dishes that made Posh a sparkling dining spot for some time to Hot Noodles Cold Sake. In addition to traditional ramen selections like miso and shoyu, Hot Noodles Cold Sake also offers unique takes on ramen.


Parma Italian Roots

Para Italian Roots is another Italian bistro that is beloved by residents of Scottsdale and people from the surrounding area. Parma Italian Roots presents a menu that includes traditional Italian cuisine, like classic dishes from Parma. In addition, the bistro serves dishes that take a more progressive approach to Italian entrees and apps.


Excellent dining options about in Scottsdale. With each passing year, something new and exciting appears on the scene, joining a lovely spectrum of widely enjoyed dining establishments

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