An Up Close Look at Paradise Valley Real Estate

An Up Close Look at Paradise Valley Real Estate

Paradise Valley real estate in Arizona is a great buy, particularly if you appreciate beautifully designed homes and a higher standard of living. Though the population is small, about 14,558 residents, the town has a thriving community. It has limited size, but it still has twelve resorts and a variety of clubs such as the Paradise Valley Racquet Club and the Camelback Country Club Golf Course.

Paradise Valley homes for sale are truly amazing. Consider just the median price for homes is $1.74 million. However, individual homes may soar into a higher category anywhere from five to twenty million! The most important businesses in the area include professional, scientific, and technical services as well as health care. The median household income was $187,128, which surpasses Arizona in general, which only reaches $50,958.

If you are interested in Paradise Valley real estate for sale, you can start your search for a house (2-4 units), a condo, townhouse, detached house or even a mobile home. If you are interested in buying a home, talk to a real estate agent within the Paradise Valley area. The community itself is predominantly white, and with 76.1% of the population married. The largest concentration of people was the ages 45-64 category, with 35.9% of the total population.

If you rely on public listings, then you may miss out on some of the best opportunities. Unadvertised real estate can only be accessed by experienced agents. Paradise Valley real estate is expensive but the houses themselves are truly the stuff of dreams. The location, the greenery, along with Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain, make this a natural and inviting town. The total area of the land is 15.5 square miles.

If you move to Paradise Valley, you will find yourself in prestigious company. After all, this is the town that gave us such colorful personalities as Muhammad Ali, Randy Johnson, Mike Tyson, Stevie Nicks and Leslie Nielsen. Relocation services are available. You can choose to visit the town before you come and get a glimpse of the tranquil atmosphere. Why not start by contacting a Paradise Valley real estate agent at the Holm Group right now? You can find the dream home you have been looking for. Call us at 480-206-4265 today.