Arcadia – A Great Neighborhood

No, it is not the cousin town to Narnia, or a forgotten Greek God.  Arcadia is in fact a pleasant neighborhood found in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you are considering moving to Arizona you will probably want to get to know this lovely area a little bit better.  Some good news to start out with is that there are many gorgeous Arcadia homes for sale.

This area of Arizona was once occupied by farmers and citrus groves as late as the 1950’s.  Many locations still have lemon and grapefruit trees growing in their yards as a throwback to the land’s earlier days.  The area is now occupied with lovely homes and family oriented communities.  The area is located nearby popular Scottsdale suburbs.  Its boundaries are generally believed to cover the area of 32nd street to 64th street, as well as Camelback Mountain to the Thomas Street area.  The population of this district is believed to be nearly 10,000 happy citizens.  The median age range is 40. If you have little ones in your household, you will be happy to know that the local schools are some of the very best in the state of Arizona.

As far as Arcadia real estate AZ goes, you will not be disappointed by the wide variety of beautiful homes.  You will find many different styles as well as various sizes of houses available on the market today.  Many homes have swimming pools to help you cool down in the summer.  Since this is the Valley of the Sun, you will need them!  Other properties have guesthouses and other fun features.  Most of the homes in the area have at least a half acre of land, and that land is often covered in oleander bushes and citrus bearing trees.

The local area is also abuzz with activity!  You can look forward to hiking Camelback Mountain or going shopping in the nearby cities.  Some of the best dining experiences you will ever have will come from the restaurants in the area.  You will never be bored in Arcadia, Arizona.

Another reason to consider the luxury homes for sale in Arcadia is the fantastic location.  It is truly the best of both worlds, as it keeps a small community feel while being just five minutes from the freeway and from major cities in the valley.

Why not contact The Holm Group to help you find the home of your dreams?  In the beautiful little spot known as Arcadia, you will always feel right at home.

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