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4 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value


If you’re putting your house on the market and are looking to maximize profits, then you should learn these four ways you can increase your home’s value.

 Your home’s value can be extremely important when you’re looking to sell. Finding ways to increase the value of your house should be a top priority long before you have people come in to see the place. To help you get the best offers, utilize these four ways you can increase your home’s value on the market.

Update the Furnishings

While homes with furnishing and antiques are popular right now, you should make sure everything you keep in the home for showings is the best quality possible. This means you may want to repaint your home and refurbish your furniture. You’ll likely need to deep clean most of the house and invest in new sheets and pillows for several rooms to give it the best look.

Tackle Your Curb Appeal

The next step for improving your home’s value is tackling the exterior appearance of your home. You want your place to look as amazing as possible from the front, as it leaves a huge impression on potential buyers. New paint and open views will draw in people and get you better offers. Look to repair or replace anything outside the home that people can see to give the best first impression.

Look for New Features

Another way you can increase home value is by adding new features that people will want in their homes. Things like an outdoor backyard pool or a furnished basement can really add a lot of value to your home and are worth the investment. Storm shelters, which are rising in popularity, are a great way to improve value with a new feature, especially in a stormy area like Arizona.

Open Up and Clean Up

The easiest of the four ways to increase your home’s value is by opening up the space and decluttering it. Although it may not bother you as the items are your things, people will pass over homes if there’s too much proper\ty still in the house. Look for ways you can make your place seem bigger, with bigger windows and open cabinets, for example. You can also look for ways to make specific rooms look better, like with this guide on improving your bedroom’s value.

These are just a few of the easier and more consistent methods people use to improve their home’s value. Each one of these can make the final offer much larger and speed up the time it takes to sell. That’s why you should really focus on your home’s value.

Outdoor Design Trends Realtors are Watching Out For

Outdoor Design Trends Realtors are Watching Out For

Outdoor Design Trends Realtors are Watching Out For

Outdoor Design Trends Realtors are Watching Out For


The worldwide pandemic has had a powerful effect on the way human beings relate to and value nature, leading to a spike in the use of parks and public green spaces and a new appreciation of outdoor life. Suddenly and unequivocally, human beings were forced to turn their homes into staycation spots. Many turned outdoor patios and garden-facing rooms into ad hoc offices, and found an escape from the stressors of the health situation, in the woods and seaside. The revaluation of the important role nature plays in human health and wellbeing have also resulted in new demands in the real estate sector, with top-selling homes displaying specific green design features. Below are just a few outdoor trends sparked by recent world events.

Outdoor Offices

Around 165m people in the US were already working remotely, a phenomenon that has only strengthened in the era of the new normal. Studies have shown that employees who work in the vicinity of greenery enjoy greater productivity and enhanced focus. Therefore, many homeowners are investing in renovations to create home offices in outdoor spaces. From outdoor standing structures to patios with the latest tech and design features (think retractable awnings and sliding glass doors), outdoor offices are an excellent way to lend a sense of calm to one’s daily work routine.

Compartmentalized Outdoor Spaces in HOAs

Homeowners and tenants of HOAs are keen to make the most of shared common outdoor spaces, with many embarking on renovations involving the creation and compartmentalization of green spaces. Landlords view outdoor spaces as investments that attract discerning tenants, while investors in communal homes have noticed a spike in demand for outdoor leisure zones. Trending apartment blocks now boast distinct outdoor spaces such as play areas for children, kitchen/grill areas for families, produce gardens for shared horticultural projects, and chill-out areas with features such as sun loungers, fire pits, water fountains, and fragrant herb-filled gardens.

Staycation Settings

Inflation and beleaguered savings are causing many American families to reconsider their vacations this year and instead opt for a staycation. The pandemic taught us that our home could essentially be a sanctuary if needs be, and many owners have included vacation-style features that celebrate the joy of home life. From swimming pools to outdoor Jacuzzis, greenhouses to gazebos in which to practice yoga and other holistic pursuits, homes now boast features that were once reserved to resorts. Greater attention is also being paid to style, with outdoor areas like patios now boasting designer flooring, ceilings, and furniture. When it comes to these features, sustainability rules, with natural, reclaimed, and recycled materials all holding sway in furniture, flooring, and ceiling constructions.

The pandemic has led human beings across the globe to value nature in a new way. Realtors are noticing a demand for homes with outdoor offices, compartmentalized relaxation and leisure zones, and staycation features. Sustainability is also the buzzword in the world of architecture and design, with natural, eco-friendly materials being preferred for renovated areas and structures.

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership

Just Announced..

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership


Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, has entered a strategic partnership with 72SOLD, the leading home selling program in America.

Founded by Greg Hague, an Arizona-based attorney and real estate broker, 72SOLD has an advanced home sale process that is more convenient for sellers, increases their sale price and provides more control over closing and move dates.

Through the partnership, Keller Williams agents across the U.S. and its international regions will gain access to the 72SOLD program.

“We’re excited to partner with Greg and the 72SOLD team, which has systematized a home sale model that delivers, driving a powerful experience and strong results for home sellers,” said Gary Keller, executive chairman, kwx, an integrated home experience company. “With this partnership, our agents have the opportunity to further scale and fuel their success.”

Since 2020, more than 8,900 homes have been sold using the 72SOLD program. On average, sellers who used this program had a median sale price 10.9% above the MLS median, according to 72SOLD.

“Partnering with Gary and Keller Williams is the opportunity you dream for,” said Greg Hague, founder, 72SOLD. “We currently dominate the Phoenix, Arizona market and the demand for 72SOLD services has expanded rapidly across Arizona and a multitude of U.S. states.”

“And, to fully embrace opportunity, we’re partnered with KW to rapidly scale our offering across the globe,” said Hague.

72SOLD is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and its services are available to consumers to date through more than 500 local cross-industry real estate agents in 38 U.S. states.

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams has more than 1,100 offices and 200,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States.

Since 1983, the company has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders.


72SOLD developed a new, more advanced way to sell a home that maximizes competition among buyers and creates an atmosphere of scarcity, fear of loss and opportunity to enhance a home’s sale price over the traditional method. The program also eliminates the inconvenience of daily showings, and gives sellers more control over their closing and move dates. 72SOLD’s home selling program has been featured on ABC, CBS, and NBC News, showcased in Forbes and received several U.S. trademarks.


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