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Avoid These Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home’s Value

Avoid These Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home’s Value

Renovating your house to increase its value before you put it on the market is a smart move. However, sometimes your best intentions can turn into a disaster if you invest in inadequate home improvement projects. It is in your interest to sell your house as fast as you can. But, it’s often hard to impress picky buyers that will accept your first offer.

If your goal is to renovate the house to increase the value of your property, you should carefully choose your renovation projects. If you’re don’t know where to start, it’s vital to learn what mistakes to avoid if you want to find a buyer.

Less space in the kitchen

If you love to cook, you know that the size of the kitchen is of great importance. Preparing meals in a small kitchen is impossible, especially if you don’t have enough room for storage. New home buyers prefer spacious rooms. Neglect this issue, and the price of your property will decrease.

Instead, expand your kitchen if possible and add new elements. That will make this area of the house more inviting, and potential buyers will be satisfied. The quality of your kitchen elements is also essential. If you have and old counter, replace it with a new one. Find a replacement for some elements, and your kitchen will look brand-new.

Small outdoor space

No one wants to spend early Sunday mornings on mowing the lawn. But when buying a new house, most home buyers want to invest in a property with a big yard. Although investing in additional space can be vital for selling the property faster, building another room that eats into your yard will not help you at all. Don’t invest in additional space if your yard is small. Smaller houses can be functional too. Invest in functionality, but don’t swap your outdoor area for a new room.

Large house, one bathroom

Living in a large house with multiple family members and only one bathroom is frightening. If you only have one bathroom, it’s time for yet another renovation project. Don’t put a large house on the market if it only has one bathroom. New buyers won’t be impressed, and you’re going to have a hard time selling your property.

Build another bathroom, and invest in high-quality local plumbing services to make it more functional. However, if you live in a small house, you don’t have to invest in additional changes. But, it would be good to call your plumber to check the pipes and ensure that everything is in good condition.

A swimming pool

If you think that having luxurious elements in your house can increase its value, you’re right! However, that’s not always the case. New buyers are aware of how difficult it is to invest in house maintenance. Installing elements that require additional costs is not going to allure more buyers. People will spend a lot of money on a new house, and they want to avoid struggle.

One of those elements is a swimming pool. They don’t want to invest more than they can to maintain their property, which is why pools are seen as drawbacks by many home buyers. Having a pool in your backyard won’t add more value to your home. It’s better to invest in other renovation projects such as repainting the walls or fixing the roof. The buyers will appreciate it more, and you will have a better chance of selling the house.


Making your house more presentable is one of the first things you need to do before you put it on the market. If you need help, consult your real estate agent because they can give you solid advice. It’s advisable to invest in home inspection because inspectors will be able to tell you more about the condition of your current residence. Use that information to focus on necessary renovation and makeover projects.

Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas


It is normal to get bored of your space so every once in a while it is time for some renovations to lift the mood. Renovations don’t have to break your bank, small tweaks will freshen up your space just enough to make you feel like you have a new place. Budget-friendly renovations don’t have to be less pretty than ones that cost millions of dollars. To help you out a bit here are some of the best budget-friendly home renovation ideas that will spice up your home.

Bring In As Much Light as Possible

One of the main reasons why people renovate their homes is to get more natural light. The obvious way to do that is to add more windows or add skylights. But for some homes, it can be expensive because it’s such a tedious process. Because we live in such an advanced world there are more options than just knocking down parts of your home to add windows. There are some things called light pipes. It is drastically cheaper and easier to install them than it would be to drill a wall to create new windows. Basically you just put light pipes in areas where you want to have structured lighting. And the best part about it is that it’s not only cheaper to do it will save you money because it will lower your electricity usage.

Paint Your Walls a New Colour

There is no simpler way to refresh your home’s design than painting your walls. Sometimes there is no need to change the structure of your home and spend millions of dollars on it. All you need is some paint and painting supplies, which don’t cost much money. Think of painting like giving a bath to your house. There is really nothing better and more effective than painting your walls as you are giving it a fresher and cleaner look. Best colour for rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms are cool tones ones and for rooms like the dining room and the living room, it is best that you choose something warm-toned. This is something that everyone who is rolling on a budget can do, even if you are doing one room at the time. Make sure that you are picking paints that are safe without any toxic components like led.  There are many VOC paints that are made locally in Australia and they are one of the best on the market.

Declutter and Re-arrange Everything

The most inexpensive and literally free way of renovating your home and giving it a whole new look is simply by rearranging the furniture and decluttering. The key to decluttering is to get rid of all the unnecessary things out of your home. Once you have a clean slate it is time to stretch your creative muscle and have some fun with rearranging your home. Play with your furniture, move it around and until you have created a new setting and basically renovated your home for free.

Do Some Flooring Updates

If you are looking to bring some coziness into your home, then getting a carpet installed is the way to go. The only tricky part about this is that if you are switching from a hardwood floor to a carpet you will need to have professionals like carpet installers from Melbourne come and do it for you. But no worries, it is a completely budget-friendly way to renovate your dome and make it a nice cozy place. There is nothing that will make you feel better than walking barefoot on the soft carpet. They are not only a great way to keep warm during the colder months but with some careful planning, it will make your home look luxurious.

Bring In Some Nature

The key to bringing a different feel to your home on a budget is by incorporating some nature into your home. Adding plants to your home will not only bring a new scent it will also bring an element of beauty that only nature will provide. Plants are the best because they come in so many different shapes and sizes so they will match everything that you envision. If you are someone who is not blessed with a green thumb, pick plants that are lower maintenance. Growing a beautiful garden will make your home have a new kind of spirit.

Hang Some Mirrors

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to renovate your home you can hang up different sized mirrors on plain walls. Most common places to put them up are small hallways. That is because it will make small spaces look more spacious without having to knock down walls as well as adding new and interesting decor.

Install New Countertops

If your cabinets look nice and fresh but you still want to renovate your kitchen but you are on a budget installing a new counter is the way to go. Obviously the smaller square footage you need to cover the cheaper it will be. There is no need to update you every surface, you can just add accents so you can get something that is a bit nicer than ones that you already have.

Swap Out the Hardware

There is nothing that will make your home look more put together and new than swapping out the old, worn-out hardware with shiny new ones. If you are into something more modern you can mix and match all the different styles and finishes of the hardware.

Add a Faux Island

When you are looking into renovating on a budget it is important that you know what is more cost friendly and what is not. Once you have done your homework and found out that the island that you want is way out of your budget it is time to improvise. For example, a standalone table or a cabinet is much cheaper than an island is, but in the end they have the same look and serve the same purpose.

An important thing you need to be aware is that you don’t need to have a lot of money and to be an interior designer in order to renovate your home. Simple things can go a long way and make a big difference. The most important thing is you are creative and that you think outside of the box.

Beautify Your Abode with Roller Blinds

Beautify Your Abode with Roller Blinds

Beautify Your Abode with Roller Blinds

Beautify Your Abode with Roller Blinds


Do you want your house to look like a stylish piece of artwork? Are you willing to skip the traditional curtain look of windows? If yes, then the classy roller blinders are there for you. Let us tell you about them.

A window blind is a window covering that is intended for the sole purpose of blocking the sunlight through the window. You will come across numerous types of window blinds such as shutters, drapes, shades, cellular shades and blinds. They can be controlled manually using the cords or automatically through an RF controlled remote. The traditional window blind consists of several vertical and horizontal slats made from various materials such as plastic, metal and wood, which are connected by the cords that run all over through the slats.

Types of Blinds:

You can select from a variety of blinds available these days. The conventional window blinds could not be motorized through chains, but the modern ones are highly mechanized. You can easily roll them up or down using the chain attached. Here are the types of blinds:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Vertical blinds

More About Roller Blinds

 Roller blinds are a shade made of polyester to cover the glass window. It is mounted on a pole and operated with a chain. These panels are used in the windows of the homes or offices as protection from light and heat. They are very popular as they look beautiful and can be easily cleaned with a swipe. The blinds are adjustable, too, as whenever you want to allow the light, you can roll them up.

Your room or office will look beautiful with them if you have chosen your color complimenting the paint off walls. In the case of a scaled-down room, they are a perfect choice. You can save yourself from the glare of television or computer too.

Where Can You Get Them From?

You will come across numerous roller blinds suppliers you can find through online sites. If you are willing to go with the conventional method of finding one, you can search by comparing the services and quality products from different suppliers. These suppliers will provide you with all the types of blinds available, and you will also be apprised of the effect of different kinds of blind fabric.

Why Should You Choose Roller Blinds Over the Curtains?

The blinds come with sunscreen fabric, transparent fabric, and block out fabric. In the first case, the sunlight enters the room but reflects backs the heat. The blind with a translucent fabric allows the sunlight and makes your room warm. In the case of block out fabric, the complete light plus heat is blocked from entering into your room. So, you have a range to choose from when you use curtains to cover your windows, imagine the amount of time you will put into maintaining and cleaning them.  The reasons for using roller blinds are:

  • Easy to clean with a swipe
  • Several blinds can be attached and managed through the single chain
  • Can be operated through remote control, wall-mounted switches, timer, and automatically through the wind and sun sensor-controlled systems

These things will suit your place according to the requirements, so it is best to take the help of professional roller blinds supplier.

It will be beneficial and more productive to approach the professional roller blinds supplier. They have high-quality design and robust systems to handle wide spans. They have different options available for varied requirements. Decorating your homes or offices will be more comfortable with an interior decorator. Such services are also there if you want them for your convenience.