Associated Press – Californians lay odds on Phoenix more than Vegas

Associated Press
May. 1, 2007 12:00 AM

For the first time since Nevada became a magnet for Californians in the 1990s, the Phoenix area has nudged Las Vegas out of No. 1 destination for people fleeing the Golden State and its soaring home prices.Tax returns for 2005, the most recent data, show a net 11,375 households, representing 29,000 people, moved from California to Maricopa County in 2004, while a net 10,657 households with about 23,000 members moved from California to Clark County, Nev.

“Housing isn’t cheap in Vegas anymore, nor is it in Phoenix, compared to what it was. It’s still cheap compared to California,” said R.L. Brown, publisher of Phoenix Housing Market Letter.“We’re averaging 9,000 Californians a month changing their (driver’s) licenses to
Arizona. To me, that’s a phenomenal number.”


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