AZ Central – Grayhawk has YouTube presence

SCOTTSDALE – In this ever-changing, high-tech world in which we live, it’s a surprise that no one has thought of doing what Grayhawk Golf Club has done.

The club in north Scottsdale recently launched its own video channel on the popular Web site,

The site,, offers a combination of instructional videos, celebrity-guided clubhouse and course tours, and a few “how-to’s” from members of Grayhawk’s operational family.

“Grayhawk, from Day 1, has been leading edge,” said Joe Shershenovich, director of golf. “And clearly amid the virtual world we are in, putting Grayhawk on YouTube is just another example demonstrating how Grayhawk continues to go out on a limb and be on the cutting edge.”

Featuring a range of footage, the channel is home to eight clips that show Grayhawk’s fun-loving personality, including:
• A tour of Grayhawk’s clubhouse led by golf’s funny guy, Gary McCord.
• A hole-by-hole tour, guided by PGA Tour star Phil Mickelson’s caddie, Jim “Bones” MacKay.
• A “How To Make A Margarita” tutorial inside Phil’s Grill restaurant.
• Three instructional videos by short-game guru Stan Utley. The videos have accounted for more than 6,500 page views over the past two months.

“We are unaware of any other golf courses (that) have done it this way, but that has never stopped us from just trying to be different and trying to connect with our customer,” Shershenovich said.

“The popularity and success of YouTube over the last three to five years has been outstanding. With the way people communicate through social networks, we figured ‘Why not try it?’ ”

Colin Oas, Grayhawk’s director of digital communications, said the club is excited to see which videos will become the biggest hits with users. The instructional component’s popularity likely has assured its place as a mainstay. Future events and Grayhawk happenings also can be found on the channel.

“We have the Open coming up in a couple months and a couple other things on the forefront, so I’m sure we’ll somehow leverage that into YouTube as well,” Oas said.

Although the timetable for the addition of fresh video content has yet to be determined, the entertainment factor is one thing that Grayhawk officials say they won’t compromise.

“We still want to keep it different, which is why we have (videos) like ‘How To Make A Margarita’ and a video featuring our beverage cart girl,” Shershenovich said.

“We don’t want it to just be dry golf stuff, but to be fun stuff as well.”


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