Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home's Value (3)

Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home’s Value

Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home's Value (3)

Bad Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home’s Value

When the time comes for selling your home, there are many things that can affect its price. We might be surprised to find out that some of the projects we did thinking that we were investing in our house, actually turned out to be bad home improvements that hurt your home’s value. So, think twice before committing to any bigger changes if you are planning to sell your home soon.

The wrong choice of tiles can make your sale harder 

More than fifty percent of buyers are ready to pay more for a home that has hardwood floors. These can be a great investment and it is a bit more difficult to get it wrong. Unlike hardwood floors, tiles and carpets are not such a sure investment. It is so easy to over-personalize your space with the tiles that you fall in love at first sight. At that particular moment, you are not thinking of selling your home and it makes sense that you will choose something according to your personal preference. Unfortunately, not many prospective buyers will share your taste.

Not everybody likes carpets

The same goes for carpets. Carpets tend to fade and get damaged in time, and that can leave a bad impression on a buyer. Even if they are carefully maintained, the chances are that they will make your home overly personalized. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to have them at your home at all. Just try to stick to neutral colors and patterns if you are thinking of selling your home soon. And, don’t forget to get them cleaned before the open-house day. People pay attention to such details.

A room with too many carpets and patterns

Too much carpeting is one of bad home improvements that hurt your home’s value


Also, too much carpeting might indicate that you are trying to hide the condition of your floors. If you do not want buyers to think that, lose some of the carpets. If those are the pieces that you would like to keep and move to your future home, you can visit websites such as and rent a storage unit where you can keep your possessions until the time comes for your relocation.

Wallpapers can be one of the bad home improvements that hurt your home’s value  

Not everybody is a fan of wallpapers. Just like with carpeting, they tend to over-personalize space. Buyers might find it difficult to imagine their furniture and their personal touches to the room where everything screams your name. Plus, some wallpapers can be such a bother to remove. That fact can be a turn-off for a potential buyer.

Before putting your house on the market, you should at least freshen up wall colors a little bit. Again, choose a brighter color palette so that potential buyers can envision themselves and their possessions in your home.

A luxury kitchen will not pay off

The kitchen proves to be the centerpiece of a house and it can easily be the most expensive of all the rooms. But, real estate professionals will never advise you to invest in a high-end kitchen when you are getting ready to sell your home. The average amount of money people spend on kitchen remodeling is somewhere around 55 thousand dollars. However, such an investment will only partially be returned to you when you decide to sell. The average resale value is below 40 thousand dollars. You do the math.

Instead of putting all your money in top-notch appliances and finishes, you should focus on the parts of your kitchen that really need remodeling and do just that. Mid-range appliances will serve just fine. Some other projects, like repairing your roof before the sale, should be your priority.

Improper bathroom improvement can also hurt your home’s value

Luxurious fixtures may leave an impression on potential buyers, but will hardly be ready to pay for them. Even people who are ready to pay for luxurious items won’t pay for somebody else’s choices. Bear that in mind when you are shopping for a tub and some tiles for your bathroom. If you have resale in mind, just keep it simple and neat. Clean your drains regularly and keep your bathroom spotless. Some details will be enough to personalize your bathroom without hurting your home’s value.

Hot tubs and swimming pools can be seen as limitations

Speaking of tubs, built-in hot tubs are also one not so prudent investments for reselling. They require high maintenance and even removing them can cost a fortune.

Don’t be naive to think that after installing a swimming pool you will be able to sell your house in no time and earn a good sum on it. Not many homebuyers are crazy about pool maintenance, especially not in the areas with a moderate or colder climate. If you would like to have a pool in your backyard for yourself, you should go and install it. But, don’t do it for reselling purposes.

Homebuyers will probably not care about your built-in aquarium

Aquariums are really expensive and difficult to remove. Having such a thing in your home will put off many buyers that might be interested in buying otherwise. Buying a huge, portable fish tank is a much better option if you are planning to sell your home soon. However, before you sign the deal with your mover, ask them whether they offer such services as fish tank relocation.

The DIY repairs might be the bad home improvements that hurt your home’s value

If you know how to fix a broken pipe or a leaking sink – good for you. But if you are planning to sell your house soon, you might need some professional help for fixing things around the house. Homebuyers will notice any unsuccessful DIY project, and they will decrease their offer. Hiring the best contractors is also a great tip for new homeowners.

Space conversions are not something buyers will be crazy about

The original house designs are usually the best layouts for any particular home. Two smaller rooms flipped to be one bigger space might be something that works for you and your family. Homebuyers usually like to have more small rooms since that gives them more options. Also, they won’t be thrilled about your home office that used to be a guest room or a piece of the kitchen that you turned into a pantry.

Too many built-ins can be a turn-off for some buyers

People are rarely ready to buy a house as-is and move into it without changing anything. That is why they usually search for a place that requires minimal adjustments. If you put too many pieces of built-in furniture throughout your house, that might limit the potential buyers. Not leaving too many options to your buyers is one of the bad home improvements that hurt your home’s value.

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