Best backyard add ons that will increase your house value

Best backyard add ons that will increase your house value

Best backyard add ons that will increase your house value

Best backyard add ons that will increase your house value


Making improvements in your home is one of the best ways to invest money into your future. Not only are you improving your quality of life, but you’re also adding precious value to your home that will make it a lot easier to sell it for an adequate sum of money when you decide to put it up for sale. The backyard is one of the most important areas of the home when it comes to adding value, and homeowners know this. Here are some of the best ways to invest in the backyard.

1.      Design a new and exciting patio

Patios are an important addition to any backyard. They give you the opportunity to set up a comfortable and cozy backyard oasis, where you can relax and have a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

An elaborate patio can make this part of your backyard into a nicely decorated outdoor living space. In fact, a lot of new patio features are being considered an extension of a home’s own living space, which means that their value has increased dramatically. Best of all, you can use an attractive patio to make your home more valuable without incurring additional tax increases.

2.      Set up a cozy fire pit

There’s nothing more charming than spending time in your backyard by a fire and chatting with your close ones. Throw a couple of marshmallows into the mix and it becomes a wonderful outdoor experience. Congregating around a fire with your friends and family isn’t the only benefit of a well-designed outdoor fireplace, there’s also quite a bit of a boost to your home’s appeal.

It’s considered a rock-solid investment for your backyard accessories. The cost of setting up such a fireplace will barely scratch a hundred dollars or so while giving you an attractive and practical detail that will last quite a bit. There’s an enormous return on this kind of investment, compared to the initial cost of installation.

3.      Light up the whole backyard

When you’ve put this much effort into turning your backyard into a gorgeous living experience, you should be able to enjoy it twenty-four hours a day. Give your backyard some nighttime attention by installing lighting installations which increase visibility.

The great thing about backyard lighting is that you have so many different types, it’s hard to keep count of them. There’s nothing stopping you from using fire as a main source of light. Tiki torches and oil lanterns are common examples of some more old-timey and themed pieces of lighting for backyards. Your fire pit could be of use, but it would be a waste to use it every single night.

Most backyard lighting installations make use of powerful and water-proof lightbulbs set up around a specific path. You can install a bunch of lights at ground level all over your backyard and enjoy the massively increased visibility, or just make sure that there’s a lit path to walk on. LED lights are the most sought-after types of outdoor lights in Australia, as they last quite a bit and require minimal maintenance.

4.      Consider a relaxing pool

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in a swimming pool after a hot summer’s day. Especially when it’s your own private swimming pool in the privacy of your backyard. Prospective Australian homeowners see pools as a necessity within the homes they want to purchase. It’s hard to blame them when pools provide an enormous number of practical and financial benefits to a home.

Unlike many other backyard projects, installing a pool is a bit too costly and difficult for a homeowner to do on their own. The best course of action would be to seek help from professional pool construction in Sydney instead. There are very few investments that pay off as well as a pool does, plus you get to enjoy it every summer!

5.      Keep the shade out with a pergola

The warm summer sun is always a welcome change from the colder seasons, but sometimes it can get on your nerves. When you want to enjoy a sunny day in your backyard, you need to keep it from making your patio into an unbearably warm environment.

This is easily remedied with a pergola installation. It can cover the sun when you need it and then be uncovered when the weather becomes more favourable. It’s also a nice and attractive detail to add above your patio, giving it a kind of quaint charm.


Increasing the value of your home is as easy as figuring out what kind of luxuries people want when they’re buying real estate. Making improvements in your backyard would be the best way to create a good first impression for buyers.