Selling Real Estate During the Probate Process

Selling Real Estate During the Probate Process

Selling Real Estate During the Probate Process


Selling real estate during the probate process need not be an overwhelming process. There are two common ways in which real estate owned by an estate is sold. These are engaging the services of a real estate agent and putting the property on the market for sale as well as auctioning off the property.

Before you take specific steps to plan an estate sale, you need to take care of all of the legalities associated with the probate process. What will be necessary in regard to probating the estate (taking care of the legalities) depends on a number of factors that include:

  • State where the individual died
  • Size or value of the deceased individual’s estate
  • Whether or not there is a last will and testament
  • Whether there is a living spouse (oftentimes all of the property passes directly to the spouse)
  • Whether a simplified or “full-blown” probate process will be necessary
  • Whether the estate includes real estate

Depending on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the estate, and applicable laws, you may need to “open” an estate in court and undertake a variety of legally required tasks because you can proceed with an estate sale. These steps may include filing the will with the court, taking an inventory of the assets and debts of the estate, and obtaining authority to proceed with the estate sale. That authority comes in the form of letters of executorship if there is a will or letters of personal representative or administrator if there is no will.

If there is real estate that needs to be sold as part of the probate process, a specific order from the court allowing a sale to occur may be needed. The court order may permit real estate to be sold through an auction or placed on the open market.

Due to the inherent complexities associated with probate and estate law, you best address the legal tasks that are preliminary to an estate sale with the assistance of a skilled, experienced probate lawyer.

Once the legal niceties are tied up, the next step in selling probate real estate is engaging the services of a real estate agent. An agent can assist both in putting probate real estate on the market for a direct sale as well as with an estate sale through which real estate will be auctioned.

In conclusion, if you want to sell or buy real estate from an estate, engaging the services of a real estate professional can assist you in all stages of the process. Not only does a real estate professional understand the ins and outs of selling or buying probate property, but he or she has access to other professionals who provide services needed in the probate real estate sales process.

The Ins and Outs of Buying Probate Real Estate

The Ins and Outs of Buying Probate Real Estate

The Ins and Outs of Buying Probate Real Estate

If you are interested in purchasing real estate you should take a look at what might be available to you via an estate or probate sale. With some regularity people like you have been able to obtain “good deals” on the purchase of real estate via an estate sale. There are some considerations to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing real estate through an estate.

On the other side of the coin, if you are involved in dealing with the real estate of someone who has passed away, there are some facts and considerations you need to understand as well. This article is designed to provide you a general overview of the ins and outs of selling and buying probate real estate. After considering this general information, if you want to learn more about selling and buying probate real estate, the Definitive Guide to Plan and Execute a Lucrative Estate Sale is an invaluable resource for you.

Buying Real Estate During the Probate Process

At the heart of the process of buying probate real estate is identifying properties for sale. There are a number of strategies that you will want to consider following when it comes to buying probate real estate. By utilizing these tactics you place yourself in a better position to enjoy success when you are interested in purchasing real estate that is being sold by an estate.

There are a number of ways in which you can locate real estate being sold by an estate. You should strongly consider taking a comprehensive approach to purchasing probate real estate, taking advantage of these different avenues for finding property being sold by an estate.

The first step you will want to take when seeking probate real estate is to contact local real estate agents. Oftentimes, real estate agents will have probate property among their listings. In other words, the executor or personal administrator of an estate will engage the services of a real estate agent to sell a piece of property that is part of the assets of the estate of needs to be sold.

Not all probate real estate will be placed with a real estate professional for sale. This type of property may also be auctioned off during the probate process. Because of this reality, another tactic to employ is reaching out directly to the probate court in the county where you are interested in buying real estate.

In some locales you will be able to contact a person with the clerk of the court that can provide you information about pending probate cases. In the alternative, a majority of courts in the United States have public computer portals through which you can obtain information about pending probate cases.

One of the documents that will be on file in a probate case is what is called an inventory. Within the inventory you will be able to identify any real estate owned by an estate that may be put up for sale. If you find an estate with real estate that is of interest you then take these steps:
· Contact the attorney for the estate or executor (the contact information for these individuals will be contained on the court’s docket for the probate case).

· Request information from the attorney or executor about the state of the property, how a sale will be handled (on the market or auction), and whether an asking price has been established.
A third way you can identify sources of probate real estate is to review the local newspaper. As part of this review process you will want to look at the obituaries as well as legal notices where estate sales and auctions may by listed.

7180 Optima Kierland – Now Selling

7180 Optima Kierland – Now Selling

7180 Optima Kierland

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7180 Optima Kierland. is now selling as of November 27th 2018.  As a valued local broker, we have the ablity to provide you early access before these luxury town homes go on sale to the public.

One , two and three bedroom condominiums for sale from the $300,000s to $2,000,000+. Contact an Andrew Holm w/ Berkshire Hathaway today for additional information.

The Top 3 Things to Renovate to Increase Your Home Selling Potential

The Top 3 Things to Renovate to Increase Your Home Selling Potential


Thinking of moving home? There might be a few things to fix in your existing property before you put it up on the real-estate market. Ultimately, while you might want to focus on funneling all of your money into your new house, there’s still benefits to focusing on the old one. Simply repairing a couple of the issues with the home you live in now could be a great way to improve your sales potential and get the attention of a greater number of buyers.


The question is, what kind of changes do you need to make when you’re desperate for a quick sale? Do you really need to replace the entire bathroom, or would sprucing up the floors and walls do the trick? Here are a few of the renovation tasks you should consider before you move home.

1.     The Floors and Walls

Renovation doesn’t have to be a mammoth task to make a difference. Sometimes, something as simple as replacing the carpet, installing new laminate, or adding a fresh lick of paint to the walls can be enough. Before you start seeking out your new home, it might be worth putting a little bit of elbow grease into your current property.

Take the price of painting and decorating out of your moving budget and ask yourself if you’ll still have enough cash to manage. If you can afford it, fresh walls and floors can be a quick and effective way to bring new life to an old property. Just remember that paint colors matter. Keep it neutral to get the best results.

2.     Siding and Roof Repairs

Replacing a roof can be a serious expense, and something that you don’t want to think about when you’re dealing with the cost of a new home. However, you’ll probably have a hard time selling a property if all of your buyers are worried about the roof collapsing on them during the same day they’re moving in.

If your roof is far past its best days, then you might have to live with the fact that you’ll need a replacement to start attracting buyers. The good news is that roof and siding investments do have a pretty good return on investment – anywhere up to 80%. That means that you should be able to recoup a significant amount of the money you spend.

3.     The Kitchen

Finally, if you’re having trouble attracting buyers to your home, there’s nothing quite like a kitchen to draw in the crowds. A stunning modern kitchen with a new set of cabinets and a range of built-in appliances can be the thing that causes people to fall in love with your home. Just make sure that you don’t push yourself to invest in more than you can reasonably afford. Sometimes, simply refacing old cabinets and installing some sleek lighting fixtures can be enough.

New lighting fixtures are a pretty easy way to add value to your home, starting with the kitchen first. While the upfront cost might be hard to stomach at first, you should find that your new kitchen makes it much easier to grab the attention of any potential home buyer.


The First 5 Things to Do When Moving to a New Place

The First 5 Things to Do When Moving to a New Place


This post was kindly written for us by our friends over at Bellhops Moving.


While the concept of living in a new property might be a fantastic thrill, the truth is that no-one enjoys moving into a new home. As much as you love your new property, packing and unpacking your entire life in a couple of days can be a major source of stress. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have the right moving company to help you.

Even if you manage to get all your items into your new property in one piece, you’ll still need to make sure that you do a few things before you settle in to make your house as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are just a few things you’ll need to do when you arrive in your new place.

1.     Turn on the Utilities

Before you start seeking out attractions and things to do in your new area, make sure that you have what you need to thrive in your home. Ideally, you should let the utility companies know that you need to transfer your gas, water, and electrical services into your new home before you move. However, you may still need to call and check the dates of the transfer. Make sure you think about things like broadband too.

2.     Plug in Your Refrigerator

By the end of the day, you should plug in all your major appliances and make sure that they’re working as they should after a move. However, one of the most important items to plug in first is your refrigerator. You’ll want to make sure that you have somewhere to keep your food fresh when you’re ready to settle down and nourish yourself after a hard day of moving. Your moving company may even help you get that refrigerator moved into place so that you can reduce the stress of unpacking.

3.     Change Your Mailing Address

Make sure that you’re getting all your important mail delivered to your new address. Again, the best thing you can do is speak to the post office before you move. However, if you haven’t changed your mailing address by the time you get to your new place, you should be able to do that when you arrive by calling your postal service or going online. It’s also a good idea to change your mailing address with your bank for card and account statements.

4.     Set Up Your Security

You’ve made sure you hired the right moving company to keep your belongings safe and secure in transit; now it’s time to make sure that those belongings stay secure. Install a security alarm as soon as you have a chance, and make sure that you consider changing the locks too. The last thing you want is a break-in after you’ve just settled into your new space.

5.     Meet the Neighbors

Finally, it’s always helpful to get to know the people that you’ll be living close to. Introduce yourself to your neighbors the first time you get a chance. Remember, making friends with the people next door means that you always have someone to watch over your home when you’re not around!

18792 N. 93rd Street Scottsdale Arizona 85255

Coming Soon – In Scottsdale

18792 N. 93rd Street Scottsdale Arizona 85255

2005 sqft – 3 Bedroom – 2 Bath – Pool – Faces North – Great location – Separate Living – Family Rooms

Ironwood Village – Fantastic Location In North Scottsdale

List price at $504,000


18792 n 93rd Street Scottsdale Arizona


Newly painted interior and exterior. Kitchen includes breakfast nook, island, and new SS appliances. Separate living/dining room, family room which opens to lovely backyard with mature landscaping, pool and heated spa. Additional access to backyard through master bedroom. Close to AJ’s center, neighborhood park and tennis courts and basketball. !




7 Easy Tricks to Handle Your Pet When Your House is for Sale

7 Easy Tricks to Handle Your Pet When Your House is for Sale



Everyone who has ever tried putting their house on sale knows that it can be a stressful endeavor. You’ll have to do a lot of repairs, organizing items, and general cleaning up. It can bring stress and anxiety to homeowners and can leave them exhausted. Not even pets are immune to the difficulties of all that activity at home. In most cases, it can even be more stressful for them. For pets, it means strangers going in and out of a place they consider safe and comfortable. It can leave them feeling vulnerable and scared and might lead to tantrums or worse running away. This is a delicate moment in their lives that should be handled carefully but there are steps you can do to help your fur babies feel at ease and adjusted to this change.

1. Plan Ahead

Putting your house up for sale entails preparation not just for your home but for your pets as well. Pets are attuned to their human’s emotions so getting stressed out during this time will only add to their feelings of anxiety. Being organized helps you to stay on top of things and will provide a great example to your pets to stay calm and relaxed during the process. It also helps to pace the repairs and cleaning over a few days. This will signal to your pets that an inevitable change is about to happen and will give them time to adjust.

2. Seek Vet Advice

Vets are your pets‘ second parent. They care for them as much as you do so they only have their best interest at heart. They could also be a good source of information about managing pets during the sale. They can offer prescription medications to help calm pets down and certain techniques to help them adjust to the inevitable move. It helps to talk to vets about your plan and anticipate the problems you might encounter. Special attention should be given to adult pets that generally have a harder time adjusting to changes in their environment.

3. Consider using a Pet Sitter

House showings and repairs are usually the most stressful part of selling a house. This means a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the house and most of these people are strangers to your pets. This could trigger from them a need to defend their territory and cause them to lash out or attack. It helps to consider giving them a break from all these and letting them stay at a pet sitter’s home or letting them stay at a friend or family’s house. This will also put them out of harm’s way as people move about the house while repair work is being done.

4. Get Them Used to a Crate

Some pets are used to being in a crate and actually feel comfortable staying in one. For pets not trained to stay in crates, it is best to start getting them comfortable and familiar staying in one. This could be an alternative to relocating them while the process of selling the house is ongoing. You can put the crate in an empty room away from the usual foot traffic, somewhere quiet so they don’t feel agitated with all the activities. Normally, crate training starts when pets are still small. Start by introducing them to the crate without forcing them inside. Let them explore it on their own. It helps to put some treats or place some of their favorite toys inside.

5. Repair Damages

As pet owners, it is normal to have a few furniture damages or scratched up doors and walls. These are the downside of having pets. But if you plan to sell your house, needed repairs must be undertaken to increase its appeal. Hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, and doors need to be mended. The animal smell also lingers inside the home of pet owners and this must be removed together with stains on furniture.

6. Don’t Advertise

As much as you love showing off your pets, this could be a bad idea when you are showing your house to potential buyers. Not everyone loves pets and advertising the house as being shared by animals could affect its appeal. Many realtors suggest removing photos of pets from the house as well as dog beds, litter box, and toys.

7. Clean up the Yard

Since the yard is where most pets, especially dogs, go out and play, this is where signs of pets are most evident. Pet toys are usually found scattered about the place or bald patches of grass where dogs have been digging. Getting it fixed up and looking new will not only increase the property’s appeal but will also hide the fact that you have a pet sharing the house. Fences should be mended from scratches and flower beds repaired to remove any signs that it’s been tampered by dogs.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home
renovation ideas and home improvement. She is currently working for 123Closedhouse, which
offers easy solution for distressed property owners who are facing personal or financial
hardship, to sell their home fast.

The Holm Group Ranked #1 in Google For Boulder Ranch Estates Homes For Sale

The Holm Group Ranked #1 in Google For Boulder Ranch Estates omes For Sale

If you are looking to buy a home in Boulder Ranch Estates by Toll Brothers (Scottsdale -AZ) let Andrew with The Holm Group assist you. Along with our years of experience in the North Scottsdale area we are on the preffered buyers list with Toll Brothers and will have pricing and floor plans soon . Call Andrew w/ The Holm Group today at 480-206-4265 today and feel free to visit our new Boulder Ranch Estates community page at:


Boulder Ranch Estates Homes For Sale Google


Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space as Preparation to Sell


Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space as Preparation to Sell

Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space as Preparation to Sell


Enjoying time in the backyard is one of the greatest joys of owning a home. That’s why so many homeowners looking to sell take on landscaping and backyard design projects before putting their home on the market in order to increase value.

While some are content to simply trim the grass with an electric lawn mower, add a few plants, and carefully place a couple of lawn chairs, you might be the type of person with more ambitious plans for your outdoor spaces.

The following tips offer some ideas to consider when designing your lawn for selling your home. Keep them in mind to truly create the backyard of buyers’ dreams.


Add an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can help a home achieve 100-200% ROI when you sell. However, this doesn’t just mean installing a new grill and calling it a day. While a quality grill is certainly an essential component of any outdoor kitchen, it’s only one part of the equation.

Be conscious of the fact that many people who take on this project decide to install appliances like the grill into a bench structure that mimics the workstation found in the typical indoor kitchen. That’s why it’s very important to invest in durable appliances. If they break down, it could be difficult to find a new one that fits the space perfectly.

Along with a grill, you should consider adding a refrigerator, storage cabinets, and ample countertop space for meal preparation. The appliances you install will need to be connected to the house via electrical wires and gas lines.

Odds are good that you’ll want these to be as concealed as possible. That’s why it’s a smart idea to work with a contractor on this project. Once you draw up your initial design, find a contractor in your area who has installed outdoor kitchens before. Working with a professionals makes it easier to get the job done properly from the start.

That’s why you can also consider including the real estate agent you plan on listing with in the design plans. They’ll have expert insight into what outdoor appliance features make a home even more valuable, and what’s trending in the neighborhood.

Here’s another tip. To ensure your outdoor kitchen design is safe and feasible, refer to the design guidelines established by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.


Construct a Patio

If your home already boasts a patio or deck, then you’re in luck. Just doing repairs or renovations on an existing patio can cost $1,300, but add over $6,500 to the listing price when selling.  

When curating your patio space, consider adding light and outdoor furniture for more comfort and ambience. That being said, avoid taking up too much space with your deck, so as to leave plenty of room for the benefits of an open yard. Buyers generally prefer a large yard to a large deck, so keep this in mind as you either begin deck construction or take on renovating an existing one.


Build a Fire Pit

Constructing a fire pit is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home without adding significantly to your costs. Upwards of 78% of the costs of building a fire pit are recouped when a home is sold. ROI can even reach in excess of 80% when you implement time- and cost-saving features in the creation process.

Make sure that as you build a fire pit, you create an actual structure for it. Just digging into the ground and calling that a fire pit is neither safe nor adequate. Build a stable structure away from other fixtures and in an open space.

Consider these points as you plan your next backyard project in advance of selling your home. Both an outdoor kitchen and a garden that’s easy to maintain and edit add a degree of beauty and comfort to your backyard that will make the space more desirable for potential buyers. Best of all, tackling these projects can be a genuinely enjoyable experience.


Kierland Market Update – September 2018


Kierland Market Update – September 2018

Kierland Real Estate

Simply put NOW is the time to sell if you live in the Kierland Area.

Prices are at an all time high, so call The Holm Group today at 480-206-4265.


  • Currently there are 1567 single family homes available in Scottsdale through the MLS
  • 7 UDC homes in Kierland is on the market and there are 8 condos for sale in Kierland Greens and Kierand Heritage
  • Average days on market in Kierland is about 40 days on market with one home on the market for 120 days which was a condo in Kierland Greens
  • The average price per square foot for a UDC Home that is on the MLS is $245 per sqft
  • The highest recorded price for a UDC Home is $835k, the highest currently listed is $825k

With interest rates on the rise, as well as our prime buying season in full swing, now is the time make the move!  Below are a few examples of homes that have sold and/or that are currently on the market. So far in September Kierland has: 1 MLS Listings has gone under contract and it was listed for an all time high of $774k for a two story home.

  • 6639 E. Gelding Dr. 3391 sqft (Listed for $774k and is currently pending)
  • 6502 E Gelding Dr 2883 sqft (Listed for $825k – An All Time High)
  • 15240 N. Clubgate Dr. #165 2333 sqft (Listed for $579k and just reduced to $559k)
  • 14847 N. 67th Place 1945 sqft (Listed for $545k and sold for 535k – Contract in 3 days)
  • 6472 E. Gelding Dr 2944 sqft (Listed for $589k and sold for $757 – Closed in 60 days)
  • 6437 E. Marilyn Rd 2769 sqft (Listed for $600k and sold for $590k)
  • 6421 E Gelding Dr 2364 sqft (Listed for $499k and Sold for $495k)

For those of you who I have met while working in Kierland for the past seventeen years, I look forward to speaking with you again.  For those of you who I haven’t met and/or we’re unable to stop by my latest listings over on: Gelding, Waltann, and LeMarche, here are some of the reasons to work with our team:

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is one of the largest real estate companies in the country with over 290,000 transactions in 2017 and $29 Billion in gross income.
  • The Holm Group has the web covered with multiple top rated websites as well as exclusive relationships with: Google, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, real estate and
  • The Holm Group has closed over $120 million in transactions and counting
  • No other single agent represented more buyers/sellers in Kierland than I have!!
  • If you are looking at doing any home improvements give me a call as I have access to a variety of qualified contractors that can assist you in achieving top dollar for your home.

I look forward to earning your business not only for today, but in the years to come.  No gimmicks here, just trying to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you to sell your home and for someone to purchase their next home in Kierland.

Representing more Buyers and Sellers in Kierland than any other agent, all I ask is for the opportunity to earn your business.

Please feel free to take a look at our Kierland Page which ranks number #1 in Google and Yahoo.


Andrew Holm, ABR – CDPE – EPro

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

The Holm Group

Office: 480-767-2738  Cell: 480-206-4265

Email: [email protected]