Common Issues Apartment Complexes Experience

Common Issues Apartment Complexes Experience

Common Issues Apartment Complexes ExperienceCommon Issues Apartment Complexes Experience


Apartment complexes everywhere face many challenges, despite all their uniqueness and accessibility. For those who live in these communities, the shared aspects can bring about complaints, pains, and sometimes curveballs. Here, we explore some of the most common issues apartment complexes experience and provide some insight into how managers can overcome these problems and assist residents.

Pest Control Pains

As apartments age and their structural integrity declines, many apartment complexes face pest control pains that can give facilities bad reputations. Nobody wants to live in a space that experiences chronic and recurring bug issues, but management can stop this by taking preventive measures.

Many renters don’t know that they pay for pest control in their leases. And management can ease tenants’ minds by consistently having the pest company perform comprehensive inspections and treatments.

Malfunctions With Shared Amenities

There is an onslaught of users when tenants share the amenities. Management can set rules, but not everyone will follow them. The most common issue apartment complexes experience with this is malfunctions, outages, and increased wear on things such as shared laundry units.

An easy solution is renting mobile laundry trailers while the primary space undergoes maintenance or downtime. Tenants rely on the laundry facility to maintain their livelihood, so it’s in the complexes’ best interest to know about temporary solutions.

Plumbing Problems

Like malfunctioning shared laundry units, many residents complain about plumbing issues in their spaces. This is usually the result of excessive backup within the entire pipe system and can affect multiple tenants in a shared building. Apartment complexes can combat these issues by regularly maintaining the buildings’ pipe systems and setting clear boundaries around the usage. It’s essential to remind tenants what they should and should not flush or pour down the drains.

Climate Control Issues

When the apartment complex doesn’t offer central cooling or heating, the individual climate control units are among the top appliances that need replacing or repairing. This is because tenant demands vary based on the renter in that space, and often, these units will go untouched by management until a problem arises.

Common issues with these units include overworking from the hot Arizona sun, overcompensating from misuse, typical component wear, and age. When decorating an apartment space that’s on the small side specifically, the tenant may use furniture and decor that covers the unit. This can cause the climate control units to go through increased demands as it works around everything.

Whether you manage a complex or live in one, facing challenges in an apartment is normal and expected. Creating and adhering to a plan can reduce the stress and chaos of routine or functionality changes.