DC Ranch Country Club Photo 2018

DC Ranch Country Club Approves Expansion

February 2018 – Project to be $8.5M

DC Ranch Country Club Scottsdale Arizona

The DC Ranch community has just approved the first expansion of the club house that will be managed by Studio V (Interior) and Westpac (architecture and exterior).

Expansion project consists of five components:

  1. Heath and Wellness – A new 12.000 sqft building will include a fitness facility, several good sized excersice rooms, enhanced locker room and two new state of the art children’s clubs
  2. New Casual Dining – A new indoor dining spot will be coming next toe the clubs remodeled resort-style pool area.
  3. Golf – A new teaching center will be added so that members can enhance their shorty game and more
  4. Clubhouse Updates – New private dining room coming to the club with an all new menu.
  5. Expanded Kitchen – 600 sqft of top of the line kitchen space will be added.

If you have any additional questions on this project feel free to give Andrew at call at 480-206-4265.

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