Design Tips for Creating a Deck

Design Tips for Creating a Deck

Design Tips for Creating a Deck

Design Tips for Creating a Deck

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You can get much more use out of your home’s outdoor space with a deck. Gain direction as you plan its construction with these design tips for creating a deck.

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A deck can vastly enhance how you enjoy your home’s outdoor space. But deciding on what it will look like can be a tricky task. This is because there are a lot of questions to ask as you plan your deck’s layout. Gain some direction as to what to do by considering these design tips for creating a deck.

Think About Your Lifestyle

A good place to start when designing a deck is to think about your lifestyle. Figure out what activities you will want to do on your deck and how much space they’ll call for. For instance, if you want to one day entertain a large number of guests there, you should make your deck large enough to accommodate plenty of seats and a large table or two. Alternatively, you may construct a box, railing, or wall for the express purpose of growing a garden on the deck. As you can see, your intentions can greatly affect the shape your deck takes.

Include Sufficient Lighting

You probably want to be able to use your deck in the evening as the sun sets, as well as during the day. To make this possible, you’ll need to include sufficient lighting on it. You can build lighting into the rails and the sides of the stairs and benches. It’s also possible to affix lighting to the side of the house or on a roof structure that you erect on the deck. Whatever you choose, make sure that you arrange the lights so that the entirety of the deck receives illumination. Place extra emphasis on the corners, edges, and any areas where there is a change in elevation. This will prevent tripping and falling.

Pick Appropriate Materials

Picking appropriate materials that will stand up to outdoor conditions is another design tip for creating a deck. There are plenty of options, but not all will align with the appearance and level of maintenance that you may desire. For a natural look, you may go with wood, which can have a rich coloration and visual texture. You will need to seal it, though, as it can otherwise change color due to the sun and will be vulnerable to any liquids that it makes contact with. Composite decking is another material that you could opt for, which is made of plastic. Many varieties also contain pieces of wood as well. Make sure that you pick a suitable one by reading up on tips for choosing composite decking, as darker colors may absorb too much heat and certain composites can be sturdier than others.