DIY Home Renovation Projects For 2020

DIY Home Renovation Projects

DIY Home Renovation Projects to Make your Home Look Awesome in 2020!


In contrast with the popular belief, home renovation projects don’t have to be costly, and they can still yield good results. When we live in a particular house for quite some time, we start to realize that some small improvements would make our home even more perfect. With a little imagination, creativity, skill, and a few tools, we can quickly turn our home awesome in a couple of days tops. If you’re interested in improving your home, read on.

First Things First, the Kitchen

It is the heart of any house. It typically costs a fortune to remodel a kitchen, but some ideas are affordable. You could remodel the cabinets, but not all of it, just the doors! You could replace them with new doors, or if DIY is your thing, the options to either repaint, add new trims, or even removing doors for an open-shelf look always lies there.

Proper lighting could go a long way for you. You could work on your kitchen floor renovation by painting or replacing the tiles as well. Last but not least, you could make a significant impact by installing a new backsplash and countertop; they affect the eyes the most.

Organize your closet

When it comes to best DIY affordable home improvement ideas, organizing your closet is definitely on the list. We all struggle with a full, disorganized closet that has plenty of space that is unused. There is a wiring shelving system as an inexpensive and practical way to organize your closet into a neat one. This system extends your storage space and makes cleaning it more comfortable as it frees up the floor space. It also doesn’t collect dust as regular shelving does. To install this system, you’ll need a few tools such as a drill, a level, a hacksaw, and basic hand tools. We have sought advice from some painting companies in Sydney, and painting closets won’t cost much but surely will add fantasy looks, you could just paint the doors in plain or even use patterns.

Give your bathroom a mini-makeover

If your bathroom has been serving you well for some time, and you still find it functional but slightly bored with it, you can use these tips and tricks to update it quickly and in no time. For example, you can switch your old bathroom countertop for a new granite bathroom vanity top – it will add a touch of elegance. Add a new, more modern faucet and a shiny, large mirror, and voila – your bathroom already looks different and upgraded. Start by considering what features you can change, search for them, and order them to your home address. Start only when you have all the parts at your hands. You can also freshen up the walls if needed.

Install a new faucet

When you look at your kitchen, you see that’s something is not right. Try replacing the old faucet with a new one for an updated kitchen look. When doing any renovation, it’s essential to keep your drains safe. It would help if you covered them up in order not to allow any debris, sawdust, or other particles entering it. If you don’t mind your drains, you can end up with blocked drains, which usually requires a team of professionals who will solve the problem for a price. That’s in the best scenario, as some blocked drains require installing an entirely new set of drains, which takes time and money. That’s why you should take care of your pipes while doing some home remodeling to avoid unnecessary costly expenses in the future. However, if it does happen, one simple phone call can resolve all your issues concerning blocked drains.

Create your own backyard retreat

An additional useful feature you should consider when it comes to your home is a backyard retreat. It can easily be assembled, and as such, it can last for years to come if treated right. What are the essential elements of a backyard oasis? What you need is a free deck space or a paver patio that you will place your comfy furniture set on. Brick and concrete pavers are durable, handsome, and available in many styles and colors, and they are not challenging to install. However, they do require some time and hard work. Next, you need shades to protect you from the sun and irritating insects. There is a wide range of screened canopies available on the market.


These small DIY improvements that will renovate your house, don’t require too much time and money, but they do require effort. But once they are finished, they add a completely new vibe to your home.