Feng Shui For Homeowners

Feng Shui For Homeowners

Photo: Red Lotus Letter

Looking for a change this spring or wanting to switch up your style moving into a new home? Give your space a breath of fresh air with feng shui, the ancient art of balancing energy through your surroundings. After you’ve checked off the most important items on your moving to-do list, use some creativity and spruce up your new house with these simple tips!

What is feng shui – five elements, how it helps, etc.

Sometimes considered a relic of the past or kitschy, feng shui actually dates back thousands of years and can be a fun way to take another look at your style and get creative with your design. Feng shui is based off elements of metal, water, earth, fire and wood which create and reflect energy back into the space.

Using these energies to bring nature indoors and create balance and harmony in our homes is the goal of all feng shui principles. While it’s not technically a design style, it can provide fun ways to arrange furniture and create intentional spaces where we can feel completely at home.

Everything in pairs

In feng shui everything should exist to create balance, so having two of everything is an easy way to achieve this ideal. Pairs of everything in every room, especially furniture and decor will help center and balance the energy in the room. For example, two nightstands in the bedroom or matching end tables in the living room and two barstools at a breakfast bar. For decor find a couple of candlesticks, two framed prints, and pairs of accent pillows that you love placed around the room.

Having two of absolutely everything is going a bit far, it’s not as though you need to have two beds in each room. Take advantage of opportunities when and where you can best use pairing to create balance and find creative ways to reuse, repurpose what you have or display new pieces all over the house.

Poison Arrows

After you’ve worked so hard to foster balanced energy by grouping items into pairs, make sure you’re not creating “poison arrows” and letting all the good energy flow right out. Straight lines and harsh angles should be avoided when possible since they focus energy away from balanced areas.

Instead of straight lines and grids for hanging pictures try a gallery wall with varied size and shaped frames. Furniture featuring rounded arms and curved, soft lines are perfect for feng shui. Go a step further and pull them away from the walls by an inch or two to help the energy circulate (and make the room feel bigger!) Take a look at what shape and size couch might work in a different position in the room and research some sofa styles you might not have considered before.

Cutting Energy

Similar to poison arrows and keeping energy balanced, you also want to watch out for cutting energy. Heavy hangings and sharp angles above where you sit or lay can all contribute to “cutting” the energy in the room. Keep large furniture anchored to larger walls and away from under windows and beams if possible. For bedrooms, hang light framed pictures above beds that have sturdy, solid headboards without cutouts or sharp angles.

Using feng shui to freshen up your decor or help select new furniture is a great way to break out of a style rut and create flowing, balanced energy you can enjoy in your new home!