Getting the Luxurious Garage You've Always Wanted

Getting the Luxurious Garage You’ve Always Wanted

Getting the Luxurious Garage You've Always Wanted

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Between gorgeous scenery and a bustling cultural center, living in Scottsdale is perfect for anyone looking for the finer things in life. From neighborhoods near the downtown entertainment district to homes in some of the top gated communities, there’s no shortage of luxury home options for future homeowners.

Whether you’re selling your home or you just want to improve the appearance and available space of your garage, a luxury garage is a must. Check out these tips on how to update your storage for cars into the most luxurious spot in your entire home.


Although many tend to see the garage as an extension of a storage closet, this space has a ton of potential for gathering friends on cool nights, displaying your most cherished items, or even as an entrance to wow guests. And the best way to prep this space in your home is through a hardy cleaning session.

Start with organization. Take stock of all the items you have in your home, and decide what is truly necessary to keep. Gather empty bins, crates, boxes, and bags to sort your items and consider renting a storage unit off of your property.

Next, deep clean. Get all of the nooks and crannies that don’t typically get cleaned in a normal weekly walkthrough. This is also a great opportunity to spray for desert pests. If you’re having trouble completing this stage, you may want to also consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Interior Design

Once the garage is cleaned and organized, the next step is to select an interior design plan. Color schemes, matching bins, and even decorations don’t only live in the house. The garage is an extension of your home and should be dressed like one.

Decide on what theme matches your style. Do you want a minimalist, futuristic garage with flat black and whites? Is the garage an homage to your classic car collection, and craves lots of chrome? Of course, you can always go with a classic man-cave.

From wooden wall mounts to new cabinetry, adding some color and sleekness can go a long way. Talk to your interior designer who helped decorate the inside of your home and find out if garages are also a part of their specialty.


After the design, amenities are what truly make a garage feel upscale. Add in some extra perks like:

  • underfloor heating
  • in-floor drain
  • heightened security
  • extra ampage for higher electricity needs

Cushioned benches, sleek countertops, a full sink, and a kegarator can turn any garage into a high-class playhouse. Do some digging on what some of the more popular add-ons for garages are that match your theme.


Attractive flooring can go a long way in a garage. And even better, most garage flooring companies offer state-of-the-art, durable materials, such as polymer tiles. There are also coating types that reflect the light and provide an unbeatable glow.

Interlocking tiles give garages a more sophisticated look. From marble or retro finishes, each tile types adds to the feel of your garage, and can really make an interior design.


Setting up the lighting in your garage space will make a huge difference in the mood of a garage. Recessed lightings can give a modern glow or a spotlighted appearance, perfect for showing off your stored toys and your wall mounts.

TVs, speakers, and a seating area can turn a garage from a loading area to a comfortable hang out spot. Again, think back to the theme of your design when deciding on the right lighting, colors, and even temperature to match what mood you’re going for.


It only takes a few updates to make your boring garage into a luxurious addition to your home. And if you’re not the fixer upper type, contact your local Scottsdale realtor to find a new home complete with luxury garage. h

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