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The city of Gilbert, AZ is considered a “young” town. This applies to its actual age as well as to the median age of its modern population. The city was incorporated only in 1920, and it was established to support the developing railroad industry in the state. Today, all of that has changed, and the once agricultural town is a diverse and attractive place in which to acquire Gilbert real estate.

It is incredibly important to point out that CNN Money Magazine selected the city as one of its “Top 100 Places to Live”, which makes Gilbert, AZ real estate even more valuable than options in the surrounding area.

What makes it such a fine place to relocate, retire, or invest? For one thing, it enjoys a nearly non-existent crime rate. Additionally, Gilbert public schools are consistently recognized as some of the finest in the state, and in the nation.

There are also many wonderful things to do in Gilbert, Arizona. These include a visit to the nationally recognized dog park that offers a private lake in which dogs can swim, facilities for shy animals, and picnicking and lounge areas for human family members. There is excellent shopping and dining, several cultural institutions including the Hale Center Theater and the Gilbert Historical Museum, and the Riparian Preserve that is home to thousands of birds and a great place for fishing and bird watching as well.

It is significant to note that the median pricing on homes and even on rental properties in the city will tend to be a bit higher than the averages of the surrounding areas. This is because the town is a bedroom community preferred by the many employees and managers for the Fortune 1000 corporations that use the region as their home base. For instance, although the state median income per household is around $50k, in Gilbert it exceeds $80k. Because of this, a buyer will have to accept that the downward pressures on prices enjoyed in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other nearby cities, are not as significant for Gilbert homes. This is not to say that bargains aren’t available, and there is currently a very active market for foreclosures in real estate in Gilbert, AZ.

When a buyer is determined to obtain a property it is always a good idea to work with an experienced Gilbert real estate agentat The Holm Group. Search the MLS for a home for sale in Gilbert AZ and then call 480-206-4265 or fill out the form below to start touring these homes.