Gorgeous Kitchen Trends to Consider for 2019

Gorgeous Kitchen Trends to Consider for 2019

Gorgeous Kitchen Trends to Consider for 2019

There will be no shortage of intriguing kitchen design trends in 2019. Top interior kitchen designers are using a number of ideas from unique concealed appliances and cabinetry, pops of vivid color into an otherwise light or neutral space, vintage statements merged with industrial modern designs and new ways with absolutely stunning natural raw materials such as nature inspired stone, sensational authentic woods and artsy textured rattan, jute and wicker.

 Look for interesting pendant lighting, more contrast textured layers and exciting new backsplash options. Brass and pewter faucets, open airy shelving and creative color patterns in unexpected places are all hot designer trends for kitchens this year.


Upgrading All White Kitchen Ideas

Last year’s all white kitchen decor is old news. Designers everywhere are taking this contemporary and minimalist style to new heights by incorporating some depth with strategic layering updates. Think glorious mirrored taller backsplashes, lovely grey-blue marble counter surfaces, pops of bright color on bar stools or kitchen chairs, jeweled hued pendant drop lighting fixtures and open shelves with accent textures, colors and other clever visual tones.


Merge Vintage Features with Modern Contemporary Design Themes

The purpose of this fantastic new kitchen design trend is to incorporate the timeless look and feel of vintage textures and style with sleeker modern kitchen designs. Consider beautifully handcrafted natural-hued rattan wrapped bar or island chairs, thicker slabs of gorgeous natural stone surfaces and eclectic vintage lighting fixtures paired with increased natural lighting effects from skylights, interesting window shapes and layered lighting techniques.

This look is far from the messy and busyness of vintage styles in years past. The trend is all about flavoring an otherwise monochrome color look with depth generating vintage pieces, old-fashioned yet still relevant textures and bursts of eclectic throw-back focal accents that will instantly update a modern space perfectly.


Refreshed Design Tips for Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Along with vintage inspired kitchen design trends, there are some wonderful refreshed design picks that focus on the kitchen sink area that all homeowners should seriously consider. Try installing an impressive farm-styled island sink fashioned from lustrous and durable pewter and gunmetal materials. This style is not as dramatic and overdone like matte sink and appliance finishes, and this trend is ideal for any kitchen design that needs just a hint of added texture and depth.

For the bolder homeowners among us, shiny brass fixtures and facets are all the rage. This opulent look is perfect for adding a bit of sass into an otherwise stately or high-end interior design style. Island sinks continue to be a statement focal point that will likely remain relevant for a long time.

Before investing in a better grade kitchen sink, homeowners should consult with a qualified plumber before installing a sensational easy-to-clean-and-maintain island or traditional placed sink selection like the practical Lustertone Iconix sink or other model. This can help ensure that your kitchen plumbing is up to standards before adding a sink, faucet or other water feature.


Reasons to Use More Authentic Wood Materials in Your New Kitchen Design

Nature-inspired interior design styles will never go out of style. This is a timeless trend that gives any interior space a peaceful atmosphere that is also incredibly beautiful and stylish. More interior designers are still using a lot of authentic wood materials even in the kitchen and dining spaces this season.

Look for lighter hued wood cabinets, layered wooden surfaces with natural stone and copper or brass accents. Designers are also embracing fabulous natural hardwood flooring options to open up the space giving it an open and spacious feel that still feels warm and comfortable.


New Color Choices for Brightening Up Your Kitchen Spaces

Adding a trendy color into your kitchen design is one of the easiest and fastest ways to brighten up your dark or gloomy kitchen spaces without costing a fortune. The new hues this season are vivid colored cabinets like deep royal blue, somewhat muted green or blue tones or washed gray-blue shades.

Also very popular this year, hunter green is a color that kitchen designers are fully embracing in 2019. This shade looks phenomenal with wooden and copper or brass fixtures and white creamy counter surfaces or displayed china.

Pair these mood brightening colors with attractive tiled or marbled look backsplashes with muted metallic tones of gold, brass or silver pewter depending on whether the kitchen has cool or warm tones.


What’s New in Kitchen Appliances This Year?

There are some great new appliance trends hot on the market that includes whimsical blue and white Scandinavian patterns for ranges, bold brick-red appliances, matte black kitchen appliance and feature finishes and other luxe color and finish selections.

It is increasingly popular to display custom built or designed kitchen appliances like espresso makers that turn on with Wifi, brilliant wine fridges and cafe styled stocked bar nooks. This year, kitchen design trends with appliances is either showcased high-end luxury appliances or totally hidden-from-sight appliances that are seamlessly integrated into the whole kitchen design.


Some Final Thoughts On Current Kitchen Designer Trends

This year, everyone can find examples of their favorite kitchen styles that are trending today with top interior designers. Look for timeless and effortless style options that will remain relevant through the years. All of the kitchen looks this season are clutter free, and yet these design themes still retain that welcoming and warm homey charm that most individuals are searching for.

There are some remarkable new flooring options that are being used in kitchen and dining room spaces that also help to integrate a more open floor plan.

The installment of statement lighting fixtures is one of the key pieces in incorporating different design styles, and homeowners will find a wealth of simply stunning lighting options.

The kitchen is truly the heartbeat of the entire home, and choosing an appropriate design for this space is likely the most important for homeowner and family satisfaction.

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