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Home Improvements That Increase Residential Market Value

Home Improvements That Increase Residential Market Value

Home Improvements That Increase Residential Market Value


If you are like any typical homeowner, you keep your eyes and ears open to ways in which you can increase the market value of your residence. The reality is if you are like most people, your home represents the most significant financial investment you will make during the course of your lifetime. There are some home improvements that do increase the property value of your residence. Indeed, there are seven home improvement projects to consider undertaking if one of your objectives is increasing the market value of your residence. These are:


  • moderate landscaping
  • front door and porch improvement
  • kitchen enhancement
  • add a bathroom
  • update windows
  • finish a space
  • add a deck


Moderate Landscaping

Undertaking landscaping enhancement as a means of increasing the market value of your home is something akin to walking a tightrope. You can easily go too far when it comes to landscaping and invest far more in the process than you will ever recoup in the way of an increased residential market value. Moderate landscaping does have the ability to provide at least some increase in the monetary value of a home. Extensive, elaborate landscaping does not have the same effect when it comes to the market value of a home.


Front Door and Porch improvement

One of the simplest and more cost effective ways of increasing the market value of residential property is to install a new front door and make some basic improvements to the porch or entryway. In the final analysis, your front door, porch, and entryway are the first and last elements of your residence that people see when they visit your home. The same holds true for prospective buyers when you place your home on the market for sale. As a consequence, the manner in which a smart looking entrance area can add value to your home cannot be underestimated.


Kitchen Enhancement

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of a home. In many cases, the kitchen proves to be the room that people spend the most time when they are at home and not sleeping. As a consequence, reasonable or moderate improvements to the kitchen can result in a meaningful increase in the value of a property. Moderation is the key when it comes to kitchen improvements. You most definitely do not want to be too extravagant in the process of undertaking kitchen improvements.


Add a Bathroom

If you own a home that has only one bathroom, a truly important improvement, and one that can contribute to a increase in market value, is the addition of a second bathroom. Adding a second bathroom to a residence renders the property more livable. If your residence already has multiple bathrooms, consider doing some revamping of existing bathrooms. Second only to the kitchen, bathrooms tend to be parts of a residence that prospective buyers focus on. Thus, moderate improvements on bathrooms can go far towards contributing to an uptick in the overall monetary value of a residence.


Update Windows

Yet another home improvement project you can undertake to up the value of your home is to update the windows on your residence. Installing higher quality windows can assist in lowering energy bills. In addition, installing new windows can increase the overall comfort level of a residence. Windows on a residence are a feature that nearly all prospective home buyers consider when debating whether or not to make an offer on a property.


Finish a Space

If you are like many homeowners, you may have a space in your residence that in unfinished. These types of spaces typically include basements and attics. If that is the case at your residence, consider finishing a space in this condition. For example, you can create a spare bedroom in an attic. You can turn an unfinished basement into an entertainment center. The options available to you are extensive. Provided you are reasonable in your budgeting for such an improvement, you can end up have a great new usable space in your residence and you can increase the market value of your home in the process.


Add a Deck

Outdoor living spaces are wildly popular in this day and age. Decks top the list for these types of outdoor spaces. If you want to ass to the livable space of your residence, and increase the value of your home at the same time, consider adding a deck to your home. As with all home improvement projects, developing a reasonable budget before you embark on a deck addition is a key consideration. By being reasonable with deck addition costs, you can end up adding value to your home.

These various home improvement projects do have the potential for increasing the value of your home. This increase can be enhanced if you are able to do some or all of the work associated with a project on your own.


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