Home Selling Tips: Deep Cleaning and Clutter Clearing

By Andrew Hill @ http://newhomes.move.com/

Selling a home in this market can seem a bit daunting. But have no fear! By adhering to these tips and consulting a trusted Realtor, you too can get that for sale sign out of your yard in no time.

To get your home in pristine condition, a deep clean is a must. This includes windows, tiles, countertops and, of course, carpet. If you have to ask yourself whether or not you should replace the carpet, don’t give it another thought and don’t bother with a carpet allowance sign. Tear it up and install brand new carpet- it’s one of the most cost effective ways to market your home. If your carpet does not require replacement, ten have it professionally cleaned.

Pay careful attention to the bathroom and kitchen, which tend to be the rooms are used the most and undergo more damage. These rooms will require the most cleaning. To really make your kitchen and bathroom standout, just remember these three words: caulk, paint, and fixtures. Caulking will do wonders for those cracked spaces- just be sure to tidy up afterwards. As far as paint goes, the rule of thumb is to put a coat on any walls with bold colors. Though there is some debate on this issue, giving a fresh coat of paint to the walls is of the most cost effective ways to improve your house’s marketability. Be precise with your handiwork and stick with neutral colors. Make sure to clean windows, dust all surfaces, and make repairs where needed (even if it’s a minor cracks). Expect your potential buyer to scrutinize every detail. This way, whether your buyer is detail oriented or not, they will be pleased with your home.

When it comes to clearing your clutter, your first instinct may be to throw it all into your junk closet. Fight the urge! Home buyers aren’t going to sign those papers until they inspect every last nook and cranny. Can you imagine the look on their faces when they open a closet only to find piles of junk you thought you kept hidden? Do yourself a favor and take the time to get rid of anything you don’t use, whether it’s a drawer of old shirts or the exercise equipment that’s been gathering dust. A great way to get rid of all that clutter is to have an estate sale. Take advantage of this opportunity to sell things that you won’t be taking to your new home. Donate what you can’t sell to a charity (and save on your income taxes).

Remember, these rules are only guidelines to help you sell your home. Adding your own Realtor to the mix is another great choice if you are looking to sell quickly and for the best price possible. So as you begin to clean up and clean out, be sure to contact the Holm Group for all of your real estate needs.