Homeowners: How Your HVAC System Affects Sale Price

Homeowners: How Your HVAC System Affects Sale Price

Homeowners: How Your HVAC System Affects Sale Price

Homeowners: How Your HVAC System Affects Sale Price


Regardless of where your current home is, things like repainting, refinishing floors, and replacing appliances can be worthwhile and even profitable investments before you sell. Most homeowners in areas like Arizona, where the temperature and humidity are often uncomfortable, don’t realize that maintaining their HVAC system can bring them just as much profit during the sale.

Below, HVAC experts from Blue National HVAC will discuss why preventative maintenance is almost always worth the investment and how to use your HVAC system to get the most money possible for your home.

Why Preventative HVAC Maintenance Is Worth It Before You Sell

Preventative HVAC maintenance in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas averages around $100, which is a relatively small investment to make. Sellers often see this amount and more tacked onto their initial sale price when buyers learn that the system has recently been inspected and maintained by a professional.

During routine maintenance, your HVAC components will be inspected by an expert, lubrication will be applied to moving parts, and pieces in poor condition will be replaced before they lead to system failure.

From a buyer’s perspective, the seller going above and beyond to ensure that the system is confirmed to be in good working order will be a testament to the fact that your home is in good shape, even beyond the aesthetics. Your HVAC equipment, which is less likely to break down and cost them money after closing, will raise the value of your home. More importantly, you’ll instantly become a more reliable seller in their eyes.

For a minimal cost, you can increase a buyer’s demand for your home because sound HVAC equipment means peace of mind, lower energy bills, and increased comfort after they close.

How to Use Your HVAC System to Get the Highest Sale Price Possible

Once they understand the perks of an HVAC system in good working order, most sellers wonder if it’s better to maintain their equipment or replace it altogether. Savvy sellers also want to know how to make the most of their investment in their HVAC equipment.

Should You Maintain Or Replace?

As mentioned above, maintaining your HVAC equipment and having it inspected will already increase the value of your home and will likely fetch a higher sale price. Replacing your HVAC system can increase the value of your home by up to 12%, according to the National Association of Realtors, especially in a warmer area like Arizona.

With that being said, most sellers find that preventative maintenance, inspection, and a tune-up on systems that are younger than ten years old will yield a higher return for the investment. On older systems that could fail even with preventative maintenance, a complete replacement is usually a better option for maximizing your return on investment.

Tell Buyers About Maintenance/Upgrades

In order to make the most of the money you spend to maintain or upgrade your HVAC system, it’s best to disclose what you’ve had done to each buyer in as many ways as possible. You can include information about the inspection and preventative maintenance or total replacement in open house documents, in the listing information on your local MLS, and during showings.

Notifying potential buyers that you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your home is suitable for them and won’t end up costing them money after closing will increase the demand for and interest in your home.