How Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value

How Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value

How Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value

How Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value



When spring rolls around, so does the urge to clean up, declutter, and revamp your home. Projects you’ve put off during winter months have accumulated, and your home likely needs a little TLC, oftentimes in the form of DIY and home improvement projects. However, before you get ahead of yourself and start any type of project, know that not all home improvements make sense financially. Certain updates add significant monetary value to your home, like additions, kitchen renovations, and most importantly, exterior improvements.

 Landscaping, specifically, comes across as a chore to most homeowners; however, it can actually be worthwhile despite the hours of heat, hard work, and exhaustion. Besides the fact that it can enhance the aesthetics of your house, landscaping can also add up to 15% to your home’s value. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your exterior this spring, determine the current value of your home and then learn about how you can raise that value through landscaping projects.

Adds monetary value

While making improvements to your landscape will inevitably rack up a bill, that money can be redeemed by increasing your home’s value, which reaps unique benefits of its own. In order to get a firm grasp on how you can progress, determine your home’s current worth via an online home value estimator to accurately compare results pre- and post-improvements. Then, research some of the most profitable landscaping updates and compare them to which areas your exterior lacks. It’s important to research which landscaping updates generate the highest return on investment – here are some quick facts:

  •  Hiring a professional landscaping service yields an ROI of 267%.
  • Simple maintenance of a well kept lawn earns back 100% of your investment.
  • Tall trees alone have improved neighborhood property values by 3-15%.
  • You can earn 126% of your investment by adding fresh mulch.
  • An impressive outdoor space can add 10-15% to a home’s value

Increases chances of selling

Did you know that homes with tidy, maintained lawns sell for 7% more than homes that lack professional landscaping? The buzz around curb appeal is warranted – not only can it help a home sell quickly and for more money, but it can also reel in more prospective buyers. How the home looks on the outside is the first impression buyers get of the house, whether in photos or in person. That said, a well-kept lawn, groomed shrubs and trees, and clean edges can not only spark initial interest, but also appear to potential buyers as one less project to take on if they purchase the property.

Appeals to buyers’ needs

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, the home buying process has changed, along with it the needs and wants of those looking to buy a home. As more people start to work and spend more time at home, the demand for more square footage and extra bedrooms increases. More importantly, more time at home has people seeking ample outdoor space. That means pools in good condition, sturdy decks or patios, and even outdoor furniture.

 Some even recommend more involved and expensive renovations, like an outdoor kitchen or all-season deck, which can earn back as much as 83% of your investment. While it may not be completely profitable, it may be the catalyst that gets your home to sell fast and for a good price.

 When it comes to landscaping, don’t let the amount of elbow grease deter you from making necessary updates. And don’t be afraid to hire a professional due to cost. When executed correctly, you can add home value, sell your home quickly, and make your money back.