How to Create Your Own Safe Space at Home

How to Create Your Own Safe Space at Home

How to Create Your Own Safe Space at Home

How to Create Your Own Safe Space at Home

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The modern world never stops. We’re constantly exposed to all kinds of stimuli, from the news to social media, and of course, our own thoughts.

 To get away from it all, look into creating a safe space in your home. Essentially, this should be a space where you can completely relax and recharge. It can also signify a space where only kindness and honesty are allowed to enter.

 Let’s take a look at the best way to create your safe space in the home.

Define the Boundaries

If you live with someone, you first need to talk to them and choose a space that will suit all of you. You don’t want it to be a highly frequented area, and you want to lay some ground rules. That should include no arguing or raised voices, no barging in uninvited, and only positive vibes.

Consider the Furniture You Need

Practically any space can be your safe space, as long as you feel absolutely comfortable there. For example, it can be your bed. You can choose a mattress size that fits your room and decorate the surrounding area to promote relaxation. You can also choose your favorite armchair or create a new nook in the bedroom or living room.

Decorate in Soothing Tones

Once you’ve selected the space, you can redecorate it a bit. Choose neutral or soothing colors for the walls, furniture, and decor. Any color will do, as long as it makes you feel safe and rested. Vibrant hues of any color are not a good choice here. Earthy and muted variations usually work best.

Banish All Electronics

Since the purpose of this space is to make you feel your best, you need to make sure you kick out all connection to the outside world. For starters, this means no TV, no computer, and especially no phone. Don’t even bring it with you. Leave it in another room and use your time spent in this oasis to forget you even own one.

Add a Layer of Scent  

To add another dimension to your soothing corner, choose a special scent you will only use in that area. You can burn a scented candle or a scented stick or even use a room spray. You can go for anything from lavender to apple pie, as long as you find it relaxing.

Add a Touch of Nature

In our modern life, humans have become incredibly disconnected from nature. Nevertheless, as a species, we still feel most comfortable when we can bask in it. One of the ways to add a touch of the outdoors to your safe space is to decorate it with fresh flowers or have some potted plants decorating the area. The greenery will have a positive impact on your mind.

Consider Your Own Actions

What you choose to do in your safe space is what will ultimately define it, so make sure you don’t come there to brood or to exhibit any negative behaviors. You may enter harboring negative thoughts, but your goal should be to let them go and refocus your energies on something neutral or positive. If you start to associate the space with negativity, you will be defeating its purpose.

To Sum It Up

With just a bit of careful planning and organization, anyone can create a safe and relaxing space in their home. Make sure to carefully consider the layout of your own space and where you could best fit a safe space. Tailor it to your own needs and desires, and start making the most of it. After all, this is the one place in the world where you can be unapologetically yourself.