How To Personalize Your Living Space

How To Personalize Your Living Space

How To Personalize Your Living Space

How To Personalize Your Living Space


Moving to a new home brings a whole new set of challenges. One of them is how to decorate your new living space and make it feel your own. Your home should feel comfortable and familiar. If you prefer a space that is designed according to your own personal taste and not a cookie-cutter magazine type of decor, take a look at these tips and act accordingly.


Pop some color

Having some color in your life is always a great idea. Some colors are vivacious and lively while others are calming and relaxing. When choosing the right hue for your home make sure to go with the palette that reflects your personality the best. There are many ways to add color to the decor. One of the top ways to do this is to add some colorful throw pillows. Mix them up but don’t match. They are supposed to be from the same color palette but not of the same hue.

Other creative ways you can add a pop of color can be painting your kitchen cabinets, doors, the inside of your bookshelves, etc. No matter what you decide on, go with your favorite colors and hues that make you feel happy and calm.


Show off your hobbies

Are you proud of your personal accomplishments and have a hobby you enjoy spending time doing? There is absolutely no reason not to show it in your living space decor. Do you have a green thumb? Why would your green masterpieces be displayed in the garden only? Think of a way to bring the plants inside. Chose your favorite indoor plants and proudly display them around your home. It will not only make your space more eco-friendly and homy but would also show a part of you in it.  Other cool ways to show off your hobbies is through wall art and decoration. For example, if you enjoy creating origami or your own wallpapers, you can make those and proudly display them.


Share your travels

Our travel memories are most often our most valuable and happier memories. Sadly, they finish up in some drawer and rarely see the light of the day. Instead of framing a few of your favorites, you could enjoy all of your best photos by creating a wall display with multiple pins of your dearest photographs. This wall display can be as large as you would like it. It can even cover the entire wall!

Make it posh

You don’t need to have an expensive taste to create a fancy display. If your bathroom is missing a bit of pizzaz, you can create an interesting ensemble by using a footed cake plate. Simply place your soaps, washcloths, bath salts and other bathroom amenities on it. It will be an immediate eye-catcher for your guests.


A unique piece

Sometimes a single outstanding piece can be just enough to create the desired statement. It needs to be something really cool and admire-worthy. Maybe a bench you bought at a flea market that has incredible carvings. It can be something your great-grandma left you and that is just not manufactured anymore. If it is a rather large item and your space is fairly small, make sure you understand the basics of space organization solutions for you in order for your room to look proportional and well put together. Once you discover your statement piece you could invest some of your time and repaint it in a chic color. That way it will really stand out.


Regardless of your home being a three-story mansion or a tiny loft, it’s still a place you call your home and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be made your own. Make this space a place you wouldn’t be able to wait to come home to after a hard they at work. Let it be the place where you will entertain your friends and family. Who knows? Maybe one day it will even be a home to your children as well. By adding small details such as colors and various accessories, you will be adding small parts of your personality as well.

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