How To Search for Foreclosed Houses To Buy

How To Search for Foreclosed Houses To Buy

How To Search for Foreclosed Houses To Buy

How To Search for Foreclosed Houses To Buy

Are you looking for an inexpensive home? Buying a foreclosed house is an excellent option—learn how to search for one with the following tips.


Whether you want to find a deal on a flip property or buy an inexpensive home for your family, a foreclosed house is a viable option. However, searching for this type of home can be tricky when you don’t know what to look for. If this is a route you want to take in your home buying process, review the following suggestions for finding a foreclosed home to purchase.

Visit County Offices

When a home is up for foreclosure, it will be on file with the county office that manages the region. In some instances, the offices will list the houses online, but you will want to go to the office in person because some listings might not show on the website. You can visit multiple offices in a wide area if you are willing to relocate to other regions of Arizona.

Browse Bank Websites

Banks own many of the available foreclosed houses, so one of the best ways to search for one to buy is on the bank’s website. Keep in mind that this is mostly for larger banks, not smaller ones. Purchasing a bank-owned home can be difficult if you are looking in the wrong places—start your journey by browsing through the inventory of various banks.

Drive Through Neighborhoods

You may find hidden gems while driving through different neighborhoods that you wouldn’t find on your internet searches. There should be signs near the home displaying “foreclosed” or “foreclosure.” Some of these homes might not be on the market yet, either, so you could get a head start by putting an offer in quickly after driving by.

Find a Real Estate Agent

If you are finding minimal success on your own, consider working with a real estate agent. They will have additional resources and are more familiar with the local housing market. Make sure you choose an agent with experience in helping families find homes that are up for foreclosure.

Before you purchase a foreclosed house, ensure you get an inspection of the home. You will need to address repairs and issues in many cases before you can officially move in. Don’t give up on your search for home buying; foreclosed homes can be inexpensive and an excellent opportunity for you and your family.