How To Sell Equestrian Properties Fast

How To Sell Equestrian Properties Fast

How To Sell Equestrian Properties Fast

How To Sell Equestrian Properties Fast


You must consider the residential needs of both households and horses as an equestrian property seller. However, the key to a quick sale is to make sure everything is justified. Your horse home can be sold times faster with its proximity to horse riding facilities, design, location, and overall market observation.

2023 Trends shaping equestrian property market

There is a promising sign for property sellers as experts do not suspect price declines to be imminent. Despite swelling mortgage rates, US real estate is still as competitive as it is racing by dint of emerging demand. This year, home prices aren’t as high as 2022’s record. But any recurrence is foreseen to remain heavily land-specific.

The momentum has sharply shifted to the Southeastern part of the US. Research shows the strongest seller’s markets of the country lie in there, driven by its high demand for horse properties. 

Median Sales Prices for New Houses Sold. Source:


Home prices in Georgia were at their highest point among the months of 2023 in May, striving to surpass an annual growth rate of 0.9%.

North Georgia is a source of horse properties of every size to aid in buyers’ affordability, making the area highly desirable. The median purchase price is $969.95K, with an average property size of 29.3 acres. In the South, the price is above $500K, with 2,086 acres for sale.


Elements North Georgia Middle Georgia  South Georgia
Average Listing Age 139 days 125 days 173 days
Median Sales Price $969.95K $585K $536.975K
Average Sales Price $1.364M $1.228M $756.231K
Average Property Size 29.3 acres 85 acres 61.4 acres


The state of Florida has metros with more than 30% growth in sales price. This housing market has started becoming competitive after January, meaning homes are selling above listed prices. Some equestrian communities near Lake Worth and Ocala are successfully differentiating themselves in the crowded horse house market.   


Elements Lake Worth Wellington Ocala
Average Listing Age 108 days 196 days 178 days
Median Price $1.849M $8.5M $587K
Average Price $1.874M $10.588M $1.178M
Average Property Size 4.3 acres 7.3 acres 17.6 acres


8 Techniques To Sell Equestrian Properties Fast

Spend time with horse owners

If you spend a day with an equestrian, you will come to learn the true demands of horse owners. Buyers’ foremost motivation is animal comfort. A luxury equestrian property with half a hundred acreage will pass by if horse keeping facilities are just for display. 

Also, you know how much your target audience is willing to pay and what they expect in exchange for that money. For instance, If curb appeal is essential to those people, you should check if the design includes a porch.

Stage the property right

To command the maximum possible price, an equestrian property must be staged to attract horse home seekers. The common things buyers will notice are whether fences are intact or not, the age of wood, cleanliness of the barn and the ground appropriateness of the stable. To compete better, property sellers are suggested to trim the arena. 

Prospective buyers look around to see if their horses can roam with ease. To allow them to visualize the life of new homeowners, you are required to move out items if the house was recently occupied.

Make it eye pleasing

A simple touch up can make potential buyers select your home. Before it comes to conferring the house for sale, you should return it to its most pristine condition. Get small repairs done, such as fixing broken fences. Work on the overgrown lawn. Do some improvements that do not cost much. Hence, buyers are assured that your property is routinely maintained, and it becomes pleasing to look at.

Price correctly

Price is a key criteria for any real estate property. You must not list properties at sky-high prices that will leave buyers looking away. The sale will not be processed overnight. A long stay on the market can lead to a disappointing deal. A realistic price can help you sell homes faster than you ever imagined.

Have documentation ready

Sorting all legal documentation for your horse property, such as building permits, animal information, and land surveys, saves time right before sealing a contract. You can provide those early-prepared papers that put on view that you understand all the necessary aspects of a horse house.

Advertise to target group

Your purpose is to gather equestrian buyers, not all home hunters. The seller who has experience knows where to market the house in order to receive quick responses. If you are new in the business, a real estate agent would know the right place to advertise your horse property.

Install upgrades that improve sale prospects

To make the property more enticing to equestrians, consider home improvements with good appreciation. Have your home’s appeal improved under $200 by applying a coat of paint, upgrading the mailbox, installing flower boxes, using suitable yard fertilization, and planting nettle around.

Cut in two if sales are slow

Most horse properties are huge, one of the reasons why the sales often delay. The clever move is to split it into two or multiple lots when titles are available. Your real estate agent will find ways to sell split properties faster. Moreover, you can supply to those who want relatively small acreage.

Being an equestrian seller takes patience as well as time on the housing market. An equestrian property requires a disparate approach than any typical home. Your specific knowledge of how things work in the equestrian market would help move further to understand what delights equestrian enthusiasts than just greenswards.